Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Ds and Cs

My life has officially changed pace, no longer do I get to stay up late, sleep in and enjoy being plan less, which I was really getting used to, now I have to get used to early mornings, assignments and exams, because school has entered the picture and colored everything black.
I actually should be very excited about this because this means that I am finally in my last year of university and I can really begin my life, but............ I'm not quite there yet.

Any way, crossing over.

There is a plus side to this school thing, the Ds and Cs! No... I do not mean cup sizes.
It's actually quite funny because I remember a time back in high school when I would see Ds and Cs on my report card and immediately freak out, but now that I am in university, It's like yay me I got a D!

(note: D= distinction & C= credit)

I am truly grateful, and I guess it makes going into my final year that much easier knowing that I have come this far, and how bad can it possibly get from here on out?

So I'm toasting the Ds and Cs for getting me this far and hopefully carrying me through to the very end!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hi my name is Lu3Lu and i'm a blogger :)

Me: Hi my name is Lu3Lu, and I'm a blogger
Them: Hi Lu3Lu

note: Lu3Lu- sounds like (Lulu) spelled (Lu3Lu) ------ the 3 is silent :)

I've recently ditched my last attempt at blogging, it just seemed so 50% of me, that is, the half in half out Lu3Lu. I cannot explain well enough how much I love writing, and i did not really do that well on my last blog. To be honest it was sort of a "virgin in a sex shop" kind of experience (for lack of a better metaphor). I wanted to do so much and say so much all at the same time, I kind of just lost myself in between all that mess.
I have had a pep talk or two with myself since then, and myself told myself that if i am not willing to accept 50% in my assignments then I should not be willing to accept 50% anywhere else. So here i am now, trying to blogger up, re introduce myself and discover the world one blog at at time.

With that said, I can definitely find some truth in Robbie Seays words "when you think its over, you can start it over", so not only would I like to welcome you but also welcome myself to Lu3Lu's Crossing.

xx Lu3Lu