Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily inspiration: wouldn't you like to know.

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It surprises me sometimes how inspiring and inspired people can be..... Every. Day.
I've got a couple of friends, by couple I mean two, who started up this blog R.I.O and each day for 365 days they will be taking a photo and writing a poem that relates to that photo, and vice versa.
It's really amazing what they do.
I really can't tell you how amazing it is, you just have to see for yourself. hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Any way, it kinda hit me, we have around us people, things and stuff that are/can be/should be/act as an inspiration to us and sometimes we just walk right on by like it ain't nothing. So I've decided that each day, I'm going to put up something that's inspired me and hopefully, just hopefully (it better) rubs off on you too.

Today, I've been inspired by fashion, I think this is kind of a daily inspiration for most of us huh? But you see, there are these two blogs that I recently started following, and they give away amazing stuff, last week Miss Molly gave away these amazing jeans from Cheap Monday. She calls it Cheap Monday giveaway.

amaze right? Well turns out I didn't win them. Better luck next time right? That's also what I thought, so I entered the next competition she had, these totally cool tees

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Didn't win these either. But I haven't lost hope, no sirree, it's like the lottery.... one day we will all win.

Being Brazen also has some pretty cool giveaways, gosh I'm a sucker for free things. Any way right now she has up this pretty pink lace skirt. Three words: I WANT IT!

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So naturally I entered, and this competition is still running so you can enter here, I'm keeping my toes and fingers crossed for this one! She asked us to let her know what we would wear it with, here is what I said:

'I would wear this skirt with a black body suit. black six inch heels, or black pumps (depending on where I am going) would tie my hair up in a bun and accessorize with pink stud earings (same color as the skirt) and a long silver and pink chain. oh and depending on whether its day or night hot or cold, I would wear a black blazer on top of that.'

Is this winning material or what? No seriously, is it?


Friday, March 18, 2011

While we were sleeping...

It's taken me this long to write a post about all the happenings in Japan, but I just could not find the right words to say. It's one thing to talk and write about how bad and terrible something is, but it's something else for the people who actually had to go through those bad and terrible things.

My heart definitely goes out to them

I heard somewhere that Life goes on, with or without you.
I have to say, this is the most real thing I have heard in a long time. I don't know if it's because I lack inspiration around me, or maybe because I don't hear a lot of 'real' things, but when I heard this it really took me a step back and made me think 'woah'
Granted it was said in the sense of, you have to make the most of your life, accept change, live and let live, and if you choose not to then that's YOUR problem because life is going to go on with or without you and it's your choice whether you want to stand on the sidelines and watch it pass you by or, get in the game and play!

But as I stew this around in my mind a little, I realise it means more than just live your life. I don't know if it's just me but, read this quote, I took this from the movie Perfect Getaway (weird weird movie)

"... If I just turn my head... ya know. For just a minute and... but don't tell me, but does everything just stop? Just shut down... go in to some energy saving hibernation mode, till I choose to reactivate them by simply turning my head back?"

This is how I feel when I go to sleep.

I just feel like everything goes to sleep with me, I'm so unaware of everything else that's going on around me (obviously) that it really feels like nothing IS going on around me and everything resumes again when I wake up. Call me crazy.

And then to wake up hearing from facebook and twitter that an earthquake AND tsunami, (not to mention the nuclear situation) hit Japan, I'm like wait what? when did this happen?? Well............... While you were sleeping.

This really put that line "life goes on with or without you" into perspective for me, because while I was busy dreaming of getting fat (see previous post) thousands of people were dying.
Just makes me sad you know? Not that being awake a thousand miles away would have helped anything either, but kinda just sucks!

They are going through a hard time over there (again, not like I actually know what the 'hard time over there' is) but I can definitely pray for them, we should all pray for them.

Let's not forget the things that happen while we were sleeping.


Monday, March 14, 2011

14 day challenge.

Lately it seems my dreams and I are battling weight issues. You see this is something I was not really aware of until I went to bed.

First I dream that I was in a race, I've been watching Pretty Little Liars and that Emily chick takes me back to the days where I used to swim, and compete and just enjoy being in the water. So here I was in my dream, swimming to the finish line, when I find myself no longer in a pool but on a field running cross country O_o. Any way, it all starts off really well until suddenly I turn into this fat blob and I just start rolling towards the finish line. I didn't stay in that dream long enough to find out what happened next. Although I'm sure I won.

RT @DannyThatGuy: #waystopissoffafatperson ask them which one is faster for you, running or rolling <--- I blame this tweet.

Then I dream that I'm sitting with my mother having chocolate daiquiris, and as I get up to go get something she says to me "but Lulu you are getting fat". I got out of that dream pretty quickly too, who knows what would have happened next.


All I know is that after these dreams I have been looking at myself a little differently now. I don't think I am fat, no I'm just noticing flab in places I hadn't before. It's making me contemplate outwardly things. Like running/jogging/moving my legs in a way that I have not before.
People that know me, know me for being lazy. yes, that's me. The one that prefers to get out of bed at 12 in the afternoon, the one that would rather order take out than cook everyday. that's the one, that's me.

Now all of a sudden this flab is messing with the status quo.

It got me thinking, now I'm not good in statistics of any kind. The subject kind, the one out of ten people kind, or the made up kind, but here is a statistic for you. As far as females are concerned the most spoken phrase in the English language is "I need to lose weight" right after "I hate him."
(It's true, Loogle it. That's right. LOOGLE- search engine stored in my brain.)

I don't know what it is with us females but we are always trying to lose weight. One of my friends is on the master cleanse diet - lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper powder, and water.
Yum. I bet she can't wait to take all that in.
Another of my friends is on the starvation diet

"can't talk now, focusing on staying alive by starving"

And some people I know are on that starts tomorrow diet

"I swear after this cake, pie and soda I'm done"

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Whatever the case is, we are always trying to lose weight. Something has to go, and for me right now that's my flab.

So I've decided I'm going to start living a healthy lifestyle, drink lots of water, lay off the take out, eat home cooked meals, eat lots of fruit, eat breakfast, exercise, and do all that boring stuff for at least two weeks. If this doesn't work, screw diets... I'm going to pray the flab away. At least with prayer I know I get results.

So for anyone also trying to lose something, weight, flab, whatever, BEST of luck. I know I need it. I hate breakfast, hate water, hate fruits, love take out. I'm. Going. To. Die.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Full Assed Weekend

I kinda borrowed, stole, (po-tay-to, po-ta-toe) this title from one of the blogs I follow, Simple Dude In A Complex World, every weekend he writes, half assed to say the least. No, this does not mean half drunk, so don't go follow him now because you think you will get to see stories about how he drunk dialed his mum thinking it was his ex baby mama who he decided to tell on that specific day, at that specific time that he does not want to be a daddy anymore only to hear his mothers voice at the other end of the line saying "sonny, you have a child?"

fun? Leave it in the suggestion box.

No, this means that every weekend he puts half the effort into blogging (oh so he thinks) because at the end of the day we get half the comments and half the hits on weekends anyway.

I guess my weekend lasts seven days. Score!

However, and now I finally get to the point of this post, I had a full assed weekend. I really felt like my dreams were coming true.
Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be a princess, and then a singer, and then a dancer, and then back to being a singer, and then a lawyer, and then a writer, and then a writer/journalist and now an event planner. Guess which one came true?

The princess? I wish! Charles won't take any of my calls. And if you were to see me booty shaking while dropping a tune, you would want to kill yourself, I can't win an argument to save my life, everyone is right except for me. Shows how much I know. Definitely not the writer/slash journalist either, I mean look at what a swell job I am doing here. So that leaves tum tum duh dum!

YES! I finally got to plan ,help plan, assist in helping to plan, stand around and watch people party, but who is taking notes right?

This is a pic from the event I worked for, if it wasn't for my battery playing hide and seek with me I might have had more *sigh*

I got a taste of something I really wanted to do and it felt good. And although what I had to do wasn't huge, you know like plan Prince Charles wedding to her, *moment of silence*

*moment done* it was a message that I can do it, if I really want to. And I really want to, so I am going to do it.

In the words of Charlie Sheen, "Nike said Just Do It, they did not say Try Do It."

So to all those who want to do something but are afraid they are not good enough, or afraid that it will not work out any way so why bother, well............ I'm not going to feed you that whole you can do anything if you put your mind to it stuff, firstly because I just did, but mainly because if something means a lot to you nothing will stand in the way of that, or at least nothing should. Not even fear. Even if it is just asking your crush out to coffee, or sending that business proposal through to the bank, or writing to companies you would love to work for, just do it.

Its worth it.