Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Down On Bended Knee

Hi lovelies, this is just a small post to let you know that my second article on Scene B Seen is up.

I'm just starting to get the hang of it all, and so far loving it. Would love it if you guys could cross over there and check me out *beeeg smile*

Just so you know what you are or might be getting yourselves into, this time I decided to talk about Kris Humphries engagement to Kim Kardashian.

Now, I know we really can't afford to keep up with who is dating who why and how in Hollywood, and trust me, I'm with you on that one.
But you see the thing is, it's the engagement that sparked me.
I may have never dreamt about my wedding day, but I sure as hell dreamt about an engagement.
The boy and I even have 'discussions' about this. You see, he just has to be prepared if he wants to decide to go down that road, you know? He just has to know that while I'm not expecting a 2 million dollar ring with sky writing and fireworks {although that would be nice} I'm expecting more than just a quick proposal in the car outside my house after our date from wherever the hell we decided to go that night.
I have a right to don't I?
What girl doesn't dream of having the most amazing proposal?

Luckily for Kim.
Check the story out here and let me know what you think? yes?

In the meantime, heard of any great proposals? could be yours, a friends, someones cousins sisters boyfriends mother, anyone really. Please share.
I love a romantic story.

{p.s} Have you seen this? This proposal was amazing. I almost cried. How thoughtful is this guy?.
Remind me to send this to the boy.

Have a lovely day, and don't forget to check out my article. *another beeeg smile* I really appreciate those that will and those that did last time. Thank YOU.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Let's Cut Monday Some Slack

This is exactly how I feel.

I feel like a tonne of bricks just landed on me and I can't move.
I don't know where I've been these past few days but it just hit me this morning that I've got a month to get most of my life sorted out and I don't even know where to start.
I've got a bunch of applications staring at me waiting for me to fill them out.
I've got 2 units to study for in 2 weeks.
I've got a visit to my cousin coming up this Friday.
I've got to prepare for a visit from my mum and sister next week.
I've got....... So. Much. To. Do.

But besides the heavy bricks weighing on my shoulders, I woke up quite chirpy today. Even though I felt the day ran away from me, it was a nice day for a Monday.

Speaking of Monday......

Poor Monday.

It's so funny how nearly everyone complains about Monday {Me being one of them and probably in the running again next week}
But you know what, I think Monday got the short end of the stick. In the bid to get favorite day of the week, that cheeky dude called Friday out ran them all, Saturday coming in close second and you know how the rest goes.
But this is all Sunday's fault really.
Imagine coming after Sunday?
It's like entering a competition well prepared, knowing you haven't a thing to worry about until you see the people who you are up against. Some kid shows up with the best science fair project that produces real larva and you have a hamster on a treadmill generating electricity.
They are both good yes, but imagine hamster going after larva?

That's Monday.
Monday has to go after the day that everyone finally gets to rest and slow down and spend the whole day sleeping.
It's not this poor kids fault.
If I knew anything about Monday I would think even it is afraid of coming around every week, knowing there are going to be a bunch annoyed people cursing their alarms and whatever other Monday morning rituals they may/sometimes/tend to do just because it came around.

So let's cut Monday some slack and blame this all on Sunday for being so damn good.

Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Calm And [fill in the blank]

The keep calm posters really have a way of making my day! I just went through a whole bunch of them and I couldn't help but smile.
While some are really hilarious, some actually do manage to keep you calm, even if it is just for the 5 seconds that you are reading it.

My favorite so far has to be this one though!

Which one(s) do you fancy?

It wouldn't be in the "keep calm" spirit if I didn't try one of my own huh?
So here are a few I made up.
I thought giving it a try would be quite fun.

How would you finish that sentence?


Friday Fancies #4

Linking up with {av} once again for Friday Fancies. This week the theme is memorial weekend, but since I am not taking part in that because I am miles away. I decided to give you two looks:

[Where I wish I was]

Day at the beach

[Where I will be]

Bedroom wear

No, that's not a pajama party. I will be spending this Friday in my bedroom, in my PJs, maybe listening to some Beyonce, while finishing my assignment.


Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. Any plans?



Thursday, May 26, 2011

GaGa For Japan

I'm seriously in love with Lady Gaga's V Asia magazine photo shoot. Have you guys seen it?
I only just saw the photos and I'm seriously impressed. Not that anything Lady Gaga does is not impressive.
Let me just say right now that I am not the BIGGEST Lady Gaga fan, in fact I'm probably not the smallest either.
I realize that me saying this would totally put me at risk of being unfollwed, blocked and reported as spam, but it's true. I'm just a very simplistic girl and Lady Gaga is the exact opposite so I find it very hard to understand her.
Other than that I have nothing against the woman, in fact I really love what she is doing to help fund relief efforts for Japan.
The photo shoot being one of them.

bracelets that read "We Pray For Japan"

"I have such beautiful memories of Japan and its people. And when the earthquake happened I knew saying something just wasn't enough,"

{Images courtesy of V Magazine}

I think this is the best I've seen Lady Gaga this year. I really love the colors, the details and the Harajuku-esque thing she has going on.

What do you guys think of the shoot? Love? Don't love?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Pictures Say It Best

Sometimes I feel like emotions are the hardest things to explain. True, everybody goes through roughly the same things in a lifetime but emotions are tricky, only you can really feel them no matter how many times someone says "I know what you mean" or "I've been there before."

Maybe it's me, but I have a hard time telling people how I feel, my words don't come close, all I can really do is feel them.
So I often feel like when someone asks you, how are you feeling? They will never really get it, no matter how many languages you use to try and explain it, they can sympathize but that's as far as it's likely to go. {I think.}

But that doesn't stop me. I always like getting what I feel out.
Better out than in right?

Here is my attempt at explaining how I feel today.

Not knowing what comes next is really scary.
I graduate soon, and I'm back to feeling uncertain about so many things.
Relationships, what I want to do, where I want to do it.
And while I'm being honest, I am happy. I am happy that this one stepping stone of my life is almost over but what comes next?
I guess I'm just afraid of the unknown. But what I do lean on is knowing that I have the rest of my life ahead of me.

I feel like I'm running on zero energy.
The last few weeks have been really stressful for me. With all these tests and assignments and I'm not even halfway through.
I'm glad my semester is almost over because maybe then I can just slow down to take a breather but then soon after that I have exams.
So really, all it is, is I'm screwed. At least for the next month.
Hand me a red bull.

The long visit with the boy is almost over.
He leaves tomorrow.
It's so strange how much I already miss him and he hasn't left yet.
Being with him really makes me happy.
And over the past month I have been nothing but happy.
And now he leaves.

I'm confused.
There is this job opportunity that I may have but everything is pointing in the opposite direction.
Should I go for what I want, or what other people think is best for me?
It's so bad that I haven't even sent in my CV yet when I got an email almost two weeks ago asking me to send it.
I have a friend that keeps telling me to just DO IT.
but something keeps holding me back.
I know what I want. I do. I'm just not sure if everybody will support me in it?
Am I crazy?

How do you deal with your emotions? bottle them up? tell anyone who cares to listen?

Happy Wednesday Friends!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I need a shopping buddy! Anyone?

One word: Shopbop

Denim, Jackets, Dresses,Lingerie, Skirts Leather, Tops, Jumpsuits/Rompers, Swimwear, Sweaters, Pumps, Heels, Boots, Flats, Sandals, Clutches, Beach Bags, Totes, Shoulder Bags, Hobos, Wallets, Cashmere, Key Chains, Umbrellas, Belts, Hats, Hair Accessories, Gloves Sunglasses, Watches, Pants, Clogs, Weekend Bags

I think I'm in love.

Have you ever spent so much time on one website that at the end of it all you ask yourself 'what was I doing?'
Well, that was me all of last night and most of this morning. The only difference is I never had the 'what were you doing' feeling, I had the 'where are you going' one instead.
Every time I left the computer for a teeny weeny bit something kept pulling me back, and by something I mean Marc Jacobs, JNBY and Alice + Olivia.


Shopbop is really such an amazing site, and it's no wonder I couldn't pry myself away. Who else feels that way when they visit?
It's also kind of funny that I only recently found out about it. {The rock I was living under says hi} But better late than never right?
I love the designers on this site, and whats even better is that some of these prices are actually reasonable.
I think.

But this is why girls never go shopping alone, how do they expect us to make some of these decisions by ourselves.
Which presents me with a problem I'm currently having......

I need a shopping buddy.

I've been given the chance to get anything from Shopbop {five second dance party} for the value of $100 thanks to Shopbop and Mellisa

............ and as it is I am so confused.

So hi shopping buddy (",)

What are some of the things you like? or would like to buy?

I would love any of your suggestions.
I'm so bad at shopping for myself, and even worse at shopping for others.
But it really doesn't matter if its something you like, or want, or would buy for a friend anything.
I just need inspiration and maybe then will I make up my mind.

Plus it will make this shopping experience fun. What do you say?

Let's go shopping!


Monday, May 23, 2011

The good old fashioned way

"I’ve been thinking about letters recently. The real kind, long hand. And how terrible it is that nobody’s writing them any more."

I remember back when I was in high school my friends and I would make a big deal about writing letters.
A whole group of us would get together and write each other letters almost everyday, whether it was just a note to say I love you or a long detailed account of which boy did what to who, where and how.

I miss those days, not only because life seemed simpler then, but what happened to the old fashioned way of doings things?
I can be the first to admit that I am way caught up in technology, I love my cellphone and what could I possibly do without my laptop, and let's not get started on the television.
I. Need. These. Things.


That quote up there is true.

I think one of the most amazing things is writing someone a letter. It is more personal than a Facebook inbox, BBM, tweet or text.
I just love the whole idea behind letter writing.
The thought behind it.
The time taken to do it.
Receiving them.
paper. {call me crazy, but there is nothing more amazing than a blank page}

I leave the boy a note here and there, but he sucks because he never replies them. It doesn't matter though because I still do it anyway.

Anyone feel like I do? What is your take on letter writing?
Yay..... or Nay?


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Don't you just love good news!

I love good news don't you?
Even if it's somebody else's good news I get so happy and excited like somehow they're news is going to rub off on me.

My sister has been sharing good news with me lately and I'm so happy for her.
She's got a job, a perfectly good relationship, and recently she wrote an article that appeared in the newspaper.
The little loser still hasn't sent me the article, but I'm still so excited.
She gets to live her dream {and mine}, planning events, writing articles and having some kind of fun while she does it.

So to her I say congratulations sissy boo

But now let me share my good news.
I've been asked to become a writer on another blog called Scene B Seen. It's a fashion and beauty on line social website that people can go to to find out 'who's hot, what's not and where is where.' It's mainly centered the goings on around New York and Florida, and because I'm not from either of these places I felt like it was a lost cause for me.
But the people over at Scene B Seen are amazing, they said I could write about anything and whatever I like.

In fact I have my first article up, "Human Rights Campaign: Anna Wintour Speaks Out" and would absotively posolutely love it if you guys could check it out, and the website too.
Let me know what you think? There, or here.
Who knows, you may also find other things that interest you. (",)

Anything that you are excited about, want to share? I love good news. I promise I will celebrate it with you!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fancies #3

I'm so happy it's Friday.
Last week blogger was down and I didn't manage to link up with {av} for Friday Fancies, but blogger has decided to behave this week so yay!

The theme this week is vineyards and wine tasting.
Now, naturally I'm not really a wine fan. I've only recently started becoming accustomed to the taste.
I had a bad incident a while ago, and let's just say two bottles of wine later I could not remember anything.
Since then, wine and I just say hi and bye to each other but I have friends that love, love wine and because of them I started drinking it more. Now I have a favorite wine {Four Cousins} and that is the only one I can have.
My friend and I were actually talking about how cool it would be to go to a vineyard and go wine tasting and grape stomping, fortunately, she got the chance to do that over her birthday, and I am still waiting for my turn.

Not anymore, {thanks to lovely {av}}
This is what I imagined myself wearing when I went traipsing the vineyards of Napa Valley, or Steenberg in Cape Town.

Vineyard Wear

This is why I love Fridays.

While I can only pretend to be in the vineyards for so long, here in the real world I have lots and lots of work to do. That's my weekend plan, that and enjoy the time I have left with the boy.

What are you loving about your Friday? Any special plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Move Your Body

One of the things I can't do is work out. I'm always looking for the easy way out when it comes to losing weight.
Gym, no thanks. Jogging, are you kidding me? jump rope, I'll pass. Yoga, I'll consider it. Salad, yes please.
That's how it pretty much works in my mind when I think about my weight.
I have some friends who get all excited about going to the gym, and feel so happy when they are back. I really wish I was like that, but how do you get happy from aching muscles, short breath and exhaustion?
I'd pretty much want to die.
So kudos to them and everybody else that mastered the gym going thing... How do you do it?

Here is to me trying though.....

I came across a flash video workout by Beyonce, that I think I might try starting my day to.
I may be setting myself up here, because trying to keep up with Beyonce is like trying to keep up with a energizer bunny.
The video was fun to watch though, and hopefully will be fun to do.
I'm motivated because a) I like to dance b) I like/love {that sometimes alternates} Beyonce and c) I need this. {My friend took a picture of me today, and all I could see was how huge my hips were, and how bulgy my thighs looked. It was not a good look.}

Anyone else feeling this way?

Well here is the video.
I hope some of you can do it with me, could be really fun to share our experiences on the whole thing. Yes?

The 1st video I put is the official music video with Beyonce and the 2nd one I put is just the routine itself without all the distractions {yes B, I'm talking about you}

Move Your Body

For those of you who might join me, I hope you have fun!

What workout routines do you guys like to do?


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why are you smiling?

No way is it almost the end of May?
Like........ where is time going? I'm not excited at all.
I would really just like time to take a chill pill or two, sip on a cocktail and slow down.
So if anyone out there has seen time, please pass on this message for me.
I am pretty tired of chasing time.

In other news, I'm pretty happy to be able to pay this little blog of mine some attention today, without my little jealous kids called assignments and tests to bother me. I also got the time to catch up on all your blogs and I kind of borrowed or stole {po-tay-toe po-taa-toe} this idea from Meg over at Life of Meg.

She had a question on her blog yesterday asking 'what makes you smile today?' and since I have been off the blog sphere for a while, I thought I would re introduce myself by listing 10 things that made me happy/smile since I was last around.

10 things that made me happy/smile

1. Fast Five {usually I am not a fan of violent movies, but this is a REALLY good movie. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I watched it. If you have not seen it, you must.}
2. Spending quality time with the boy.
3. Painting my nails yellow {this is my first attempt at saying screw you winter, I'm still in love with summer}
4. The sun. Considering winter is creeping up on us over here, I'm glad to soak in any sun that comes my way {the last two days have been absolutely amazing}
5. Sushi. The boy and I recently discovered a love for sushi that we had no idea we had. Where were we hiding?
6. Cadbury Chocolate. I have been trying to convince myself that I really should not be eating any chocolate because a) I need to lose weight and b) I have been eating waaay too much food lately.....but....... I failed.
7. Party Rock Anthem. I love the song and love the dance even more. Someone want to teach me? Such a fun video to watch.
8. Disney Land. No, I didn't go but I wish I had. Been watching a few Disney classics lately and I pretty much just want to live them, and where better than Disney Land. {That's the kid in me talking, I swear.}
9. A month left of school and then I'm officially a graduate. *bites nails* I'm still feeling bitter sweet about it, but I'm starting to feel positive about what will happen next.
10. Knowing that I have a whole bunch of people who I love and love me right back!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.
I had a terrible test today/ don't love, but it's a public holiday tomorrow/ love.
That's what I call balance.

What's making you smile lately?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hey, It's Okay To.......

{currently reading ;-)}

I love Glamour Magazine, in fact I generally just love magazines, but Glamour is by far one of the best.
One of my favorite columns are the "Hey, it's okay to..." lists.
It's like the person writing them has some sort of inside look into my life and when I start feeling uncomfortable about something they stop and say "hey! It's okay..."

I find some of them pretty hilarious though, and I thought I would share some with you.
For those Glamour readers like me, you can just enjoy them again.

Hey, It's Okay.......

…to really enjoy crying at the movies. As in, sobbing {The notebook? how can you not!}
.…to shove it in the closet and consider your place cleaned {this person was definitely in my room}
....to secretly hope that your exes consider you the one that got away
....to really want to get married super-duper bad
.....to wish you came equipped with guy GPS. (Turn left at the next man to avoid heartbreak. Recalculating!)
…to be enamored with Kate & Wills and admit to loving the Royal Wedding {admits}
…to spend an hour doing your hair and makeup even if you aren’t going out anywhere
…to paint your own nails instead of paying for an over-priced manicure or pedicure {oh definitely}
…to be un-apologetically in love with someone {yes yes yes}
..... to use “you’re only young once” as an excuse to go out on a Wednesday.
.....to lay around and accomplish nothing on your day off.
...... to Put your hands in the air when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ comes on despite not being single.
.....to only buying magazines for the pretty pictures.
......t o ask every one of your friends for advice, then do exactly what you would’ve done pre-advice. {guilty}
..... to have to sing the alphabet a little bit in your head to know what order the letters go in

I thought I would try out my own:

Hey, It's Okay.......

....to make 'to do lists' you are probably not going to finish anyway
....to follow the latest fashion trend {which by the way you do not really like} just because you do not want to get left behind
....to pick an expensive restaurant because you want to feel particularly wined and dined.
....to get annoyed by your coupled up friends who are constantly throwing their love in your face
....to throw on sweats and a huge jumper to go to the grocery store {you don't need to dress up for everything}
...to pretend its your birthday at a restaurant just so you can get free dessert
....to want all the pictures to be taken off your camera because it is easier {for you} that way

What are some of the things that make you stop and think "hey, it's okay to...." do? Would love to hear what you guys come up with!

Hope you guys enjoyed... (",) and hey, it's okay!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Tuesday

I have been swamped with all things school lately.
My plan was to have finished the majority of it this past weekend but due to my current status, {work 1 - Lu3Lu 0}, I have now dubbed myself an excellent procrastinator.
I am nowhere near finished, and at the rate I'm going that's not going to change anytime soon.


This time of the year always gets me down... firstly its winter, and as if things couldn't get any worse I have exams, assignments, tests.

I missed my friends in the blog sphere though, {yes that's you} so I just wanted to say:

Hope you all have a lovely week.

Anyone as stressed out as me?
{hang in there}


Sunday, May 8, 2011

'There Is No Greater Gift,Than The Love of A Mother'

'Dear mummy,

I just want you to know that you are absolutely the most amazing woman in this world. Not only are you my mother, but you are my best friend, confidant, shoulder to lean on, inspiration and the world to me.
You have got the kindest most precious soul, you are the sweetest most patient, smartest, most thoughtful, caring person I know and when 'I grow up' I want to be just like you.
I know that sometimes you may feel that you wish you could do more for me, but I am here to tell you that you are incredible at what you are do.
Nobody loves me like you do. Nobody. They say that a mothers love is so pure and true and never falters, and they are right. You show me you love me a hundred and one different ways everyday and even though sometimes {courtesy of being human} I may not seem to acknowledge and appreciate all that you do for me ---- I. Love. You.
I could never thank you enough, so today, I wish you a Happy Mothers Day!'

Happy Mothers Day to ALL the beautiful Mothers out there. You all are amazing.

{Insert pic of mum here}
funny story, all the pics of my mum that I had were in my old phone :(

"A mother is person who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take."

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!

What did you get up to this Mothers Day?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fancies #2

It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday.
I can't believe I just quoted that song, but nevertheless, it is Friday, and even though there will be no "getting down" I'm still uber excited.
I've got a lot of work to do this weekend, so I'm probably only going to get a taste of the outside world through my bedroom window, which is no fun. :(
But to make myself feel better I am going to pretend that I am part of the Jersey Shore cast and picture myself on the beach somewhere, getting my fair share of vitamin D, sipping on a Shirley Temple and watching cute surfers pass by.

And this is the outfit I am going to do it in:

Fridat Fancies #2

A girl can dream right?

This is exactly why I love {av} and Friday Fancies because I get the chance to exit the world I am in, into another and look cute doing it.
Cross on over to {av} and {Long Distance Loving} to check out more Friday Fancies.

Happy Weekend all. Do enjoy!

What will you be getting up to? boring ol' weekend like mine? or crazy night out on the town? I'd love to know what some of you have planned.



Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh, Why Thank You!

I'm so excited today because not only have I had a good day, but I woke up this morning to a blog award given to me by the sweetest Ashliegh over at Saga Of Potential Maturity thank you, thank you, thank you!!

So the rules for this is award is I have to list 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 people. {I think}
So here goes...

1) I actually quite like my own company. I'm not a loner, no. But I just love my own space and my own company, after all {and I've heard someone say this before} it is the one relationship you are going to have your entire life. So I guess I love me some 'me' time.

2) I'm absolutely afraid of the dark. This is not a joke, and probably something I'm somewhat embarrassed about. I guess as I've grown up I have curbed my fear a bit more professionally {that is I don't cry when the lights go off} but I still freak out a teeny weeny bit when things go bump at night.

3) It's absolutely crazy that I am afraid of the dark, but I love watching scary movies. And what better time to watch them than at night right? with the lights off, and volume up high? Yes. I can't do it alone though. I either have this one friend with me, who is a nut for scary movies, or the boy. Those two have officially become my scary movie watching buddies.

4) I'm a HUGE gift giver. I love getting things for people and seeing the expression on their face when they open it. Some may call it my love language, and it's probably true {although I think all love languages are my love languages} but I do like to make people feel special but getting them something they {hopefully} adore.

5) I have a theory that I can never get addicted to anything. I get obsessed yes, and that lasts awhile but addicted, never. I think things have their lasting date, and after that they get boring.

6) I've always wanted to go to Zanzibar on vacation. All I've seen are pictures and I'm sold. In fact now I'm looking at it as a possible honeymoon destination choice. I don't know, can someone just take me? Please.

7) I'm pretty terrified about what's going to happen next when I finally graduate. I kind of feel like my life in university was kind of my safe haven, but with that almost gone... what do I have?

Okay now to the 7 amazing people I will pass this award over to:

1) happy girls are the prettiest

5) Life Spelled J E N

7) Synfully Delicious

I’ve been reading these blogs for a while now, and I'm always happy when I do.