Monday, June 27, 2011

M.I.A No More

Exams have really done a good job at keeping me away from the blogsphere.
I try everyday to check up on all your posts and stuff, but it has been really hectic. I'm so glad that I can finally say it's over and FINALLY catch up on my blogging.

Not only are my exams over, but I'm 'unofficially' a graduate {apparently you're only a graduate when you wear the gown and walk across that stage} but I'm choosing to block that out because I've waited too long for this.
I feel like I am at that crossroad once again, waiting to see what happens next, how it happens, if it happens. My best friend calls it the 'waiting room' and it is so appropriate, because all you do is wait. Right now her and I are waiting to find out if we got jobs, me an internship and her an actual job position at an HR firm.
It's really such a dreadful wait, I keep checking my email like a mad person, or hoping my phone rings and I see the 'right' number calling.
Any way, they don't call it the waiting room for nothing.

I really just don't want to kid myself into falling into a comfort zone though. So something needs to happen soon, It's so easy for me to think, I've come this far, I've done good and I can just relax now.
A lot of my friends are like 'I'm so done with school, I just want to work now.' But I am still in the undergrad {tick} post grad {yet to be completed} dream job {not a distant memory}.
Maybe it's the way I have been brought up, but I feel like there are these steps I need to follow to get my dream job, and unfortunately or fortunately {depends on how you see it} staying in school is one of them.
I always say I wish I could 'accidentally' just sit in a plane next to one of the richest people and they can just offer me a job right there and then. Then maybe I don't have to worry so much about 'what happens next' and just go with it!
Better than getting married to an old rich dying man right?

Whoops, I went a little off topic there, but any way I am no longer going to be M.I.A, and I am so happy to be back. At least I have blogging to keep me busy in the waiting room.

Hope you had a great weekend, and an even better Monday {if that is even possible}


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please Remember

...Today is the tommorow you worried about yesterday...

...It is not important to know the resasons why something may not work, all you need to find is one good reason why it will...

...You, not events, have the power to make you unhappy or happy today. You can choose which it shall be....

...To think big thoughts but relish small pleasures...

...To hope. Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible...

I have been busy with exams lately, but yay I am almost done. Been feeling all kinds of weird during this time though, so these are some of the things I have been telling myself. Thought I would share them in case any of you need a little lifting up (",)

Happy Wednesday!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Truths {fathers day edition}

Because it's Fathers day.....

Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown. ~Author Unknown

I don't know, maybe it is because I am a girl and my dad is a guy, but we don't see eye to eye on some things.
But even with all that, I love my dad and I have had no greater teacher and mentor than him.
I see that he wants the best from me, and I am glad that I get to call HIM my father.

Happy Fathers day friends!

What special things did you get up to with or without your fathers?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fancies #7

{A little story}

I'm always one to play it safe when it comes to wearing clothes, actually scratch that, when it comes to pretty much everything. But this year, as part of my news years resolution, I decided that would be no more.
Over the past week I fell in love with polka dots. Usually the only print you would find me in is stripes, but there is something so je ne sais quoi about polka dots. Maybe it was Blake Lively's shoot that I posted up last week that made me change my mind, or the summer trends I have been seeing lately, but whatever it is, I'm in love.

{A little evidence}

{The invention}

Polka dot

If money was no object, I would wear this outfit to prove to myself that I am not so safe after all. I actually have no place to go this weekend.
The boy was meant to be here, but he keeps delaying his trip. So all I have is me and my books. Exams are next week and I'm really feeling the pressure. Maybe it is a good thing the boy decided to take his time.
Oh well.

If you want to let your imagination and pocket run away with you, join {av} over at {long distance loving} for some Friday Fancies.

Oh, and if you like my outfit, I would love it if you could:

Happy Friday everyone!
What is everyone up to this weekend?


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday truths #2

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you enjoyed the weekend.
I know I did.

Be Happy!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthdays Only Mean You Are Getting Older

It was the boys birthday yesterday and he was away so I didn't get to spend it with him.
Sob sob sniff sniff. This is the second birthday we have spent apart.

I remember the first birthday of his we spent together, It was 2 months after we started dating and I tried to surprise him. Key word being tried.
He was supposed to have an exam early that morning, so my roomie and I went over to his house and wanted to set up a whole bunch of floating balloons and leave a bottle of his favorite alcohol and other cute little gifts on his bed for him to find when he got home for his exam.
I think my point was for him to think I had forgotten or that I did not really care much. But joke was on me because when we got there, he was still there.
My roomie was about to walk in to his room and start setting up only to bump into him right by the door.
I ran.
I think he saw me {we never really discussed it since then, I was just way to embarrassed that my plan failed}
It was a real bummer, he apparently made a mistake about what time his exam would be {why are guys so bad with details} So balloons were a fail, gifts were handed directly to him by roomie instead of for him to find.
That was then, this year all I could do was spend most of it on the phone with him.

Him and I are total opposites when it comes to birthdays though, he is all 'oh look its my birthday' and I'm all 'ten days to your birthday, whoop whoop' I'm just a huge birthday celebrator, I get so excited like it's my own. I can't just let the day go by like it's just any other. He can with no problem.
A friend of mine always says 'you have one day out of 365, the least you can do is make it count. It's yours.'
She is so right. And this year the boy decided to take this advice and celebrate his. Yay!

One thing I love about birthdays is the cake, oh. my. word. I don't know whats wrong with me, but the mention of cake makes me go into some weird frenzy where I have to have cake then and there or else. One time the boy and I watched some baking show and we got the hugest cake cravings that the next day we went out for cake.
That bad.

So in the spirit of his birthday I wanted to go out and buy myself a little cup cake and eat it at 00:00 but because I am maybe sort of, kind of on a diet I couldn't. So here is to looking but not touching. It's allowed right?

{images via pinterest}

I've already got myself on a bender because of these photos.
How do you feel about birthdays? Big night out? Quiet night in?


Friday Fancies #6

{A little story}

This week I was inspired by Gossip Girls Blake Lively. Her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen sometimes rubs me the wrong way, she can't really decide what she wants and she blames the rest of the world for it.
Bleh. Sounds like so many people I know. Myself included.
But I must say, her wardrobe, to. die. for. Every time I see her in something amazing (which is nearly all the time) I take a mental picture and hope that one day I find something exactly like that in the shops.
Still no luck with that one.
But even though Serena has made quite a name for herself, it's Blake Lively that fascinates me the most. With her long list of credentials, we can now add to that fashion icon.
Her shoot in Glamour magazine had me jaw on the floor, I just loved it.

{The evidence}

{The copy cat}

I really loved this shoot, and this is what inspired my Friday Fancies outfit. If money were no object you would find me in this little number, traipsing the town with my girls while my sister visits this weekend.

Blake Livey Glamour shoot style inspired

Don't forget to link up with {av} if you want to dream big and forget about price tags. (",)

Happy Friday!!
What are your weekend plans? Anything?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland

'If you have nothing to talk about, talk about the weather'
This sounds kinda crazy doesn't it?
At least I used to think so, but it's actually true. The weather makes for a great conversation starter especially here in the blog sphere.
I'm getting super jealous with all of these summer posts I have been seeing lately. Summer has got to be my utmost favorite weather and now that we are in winter over here I wish I could just turn into a bear and hibernate until it's summer again.
Who has the manual for that? I think I am interested.

It's funny because everyday I come across a new person that adores winter, and I am not one to judge but I ask myself, how is shivering at all fun? I find that my activities are so limited because all I ever want to do is stay in my bed.
Besides all that, my fashion (which is maybe not that great to begin with) becomes even worse in winter. I layer up, I don't care for matching, and I am most often found in grey blue or black.
Dull much?
I know some people that agree with me on this, in fact a couple of my friends were tweeting each other the other day about how this cold weather is making it hard for them to get male attention. Even though that's the least of my worries, I found myself totally agreeing with them. Which is funny, but I told them 'please, anyone can look absolutely amazing in winter' and it's true.

{how you do it}

{images via climate change clothes & ELLE}

Looks like it's time for me to go window shopping. I really need to do something to change my mind about this horrid weather. Any help?


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Truths #1

Happy Sunday!
Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.
I know I did, it was the most relaxing I have felt in awhile just being around family that I haven't seen in ages.
Anyway, I'm jumping on a new bandwagon that I have been seeing around lately called Sunday Truths. I absolutely love the messages behind them, and I thought that maybe I can also spread some Sunday cheer.

Hope you enjoy.

{images from we heart it}

Be. Inspired.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Fiday Fancies #5

Hi lovelies.
Happy Friday.
I'm so excited this Friday. I'm going away for the weekend to visit my cousin.
The last two weekends have not been all that great considering I spent most of the time drowned in assignments, and even though I still have a lot of studying to do, I'm just glad I can get away for a little while.
A little break can't hurt right?

I've been craving cocktails lately, especially a Sex On The Beach {yum} and today I may just get my chance to go and have a sip or two with my cousin.
She was such a bore when she was pregnant and just after she gave birth, in fact she probably is still a bore now {I haven't seen her in ages} but I do know a little coaxing with some alcohol might do the trick to get her boring ass out.
Fingers crossed on that one.

So because it's Friday and Friday Fancies is upon us again, I decided to put together this outfit.
If money were no object I would be rocking this to my night out on the town. I like the black and gold combination. I know it's too safe, but I can't get over it.
Besides, black is slimming. (",)

Cocktail Night

Don't forget to link up with {av} if you want to escape the constraints of money and look stunning doing it.

Happy Friday!

What is everyone up to this Friday?


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Things I Learnt Today

1 I get so depressed when my TV, internet or phone don't work. It's bad.
2 I can only shower in hot water, and hot water alone. Not lukewarm, or do-able, or cold. It has to be hot.
3 It's not that hard to eat healthy. All it takes is the right mind set.
4 The sun is not always as it seems. That little bugger can trick you sometimes.
5 The feeling after taking a nap is the most refreshing feeling ever.
6 I'm happiest when I'm on the phone with the boy, my mum or my sister.
7 Once I get excited about something, it takes a lot to get me to calm down. Looking forward to seeing my boy again, my sissy boo and my mum! Few more days.
8 Picking gifts for guys never gets easy, no matter how long you have been doing it for.
9 Sitting in silence a few minutes a day is therapeutic.
10 Saying please, thank you and sorry never hurt anyone.

Happy Wednesday.
What are some of the things you may have learned?