Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hi my name is Lu3Lu and i'm a blogger :)

Me: Hi my name is Lu3Lu, and I'm a blogger
Them: Hi Lu3Lu

note: Lu3Lu- sounds like (Lulu) spelled (Lu3Lu) ------ the 3 is silent :)

I've recently ditched my last attempt at blogging, it just seemed so 50% of me, that is, the half in half out Lu3Lu. I cannot explain well enough how much I love writing, and i did not really do that well on my last blog. To be honest it was sort of a "virgin in a sex shop" kind of experience (for lack of a better metaphor). I wanted to do so much and say so much all at the same time, I kind of just lost myself in between all that mess.
I have had a pep talk or two with myself since then, and myself told myself that if i am not willing to accept 50% in my assignments then I should not be willing to accept 50% anywhere else. So here i am now, trying to blogger up, re introduce myself and discover the world one blog at at time.

With that said, I can definitely find some truth in Robbie Seays words "when you think its over, you can start it over", so not only would I like to welcome you but also welcome myself to Lu3Lu's Crossing.

xx Lu3Lu

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  1. Bumped into your blog today and so i'm going thru all yo post, starting with the first one. It's gonna be a busy month for me coz girl you never stop

    Just do you pronounce yor name,,,i'm hoping the 3 is silent...

    And...i think i like the way you write.


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