Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Post From a gentleman at Forever Fred Astaire

Hello Lovelies! 

I hooked up with the lovely PJ over at Forever Fred Astaire to bring you this guest post. He is a real life friend, and awesome fashionista.
His blog is truly amazing if I do say so myself, and if you live, breathe, eat, sleep fashion then Forever Fred Astaire is your one stop shop to all this and more. 

 This is him and this is what he has to say about living on a budget

As I get ready to graduate from University, I realise it has been quite a phenomenal experience; more especially as a fashion enthusiast. It’s almost as though, the world was looking to push my whole anatomy; more that of my wallet than anything!
Being a university student usually means living on a budget. Living on a budget for a fashionisto, however, is nothing short of challenging. 

The pain that is having to save for whatever gotta-have-or-I-die garment lasts forever and even echoes once it’s sold out. Looking back, I honestly have no clue how I did it. But whatever it was, it was well worth the sacrifice!

Still, I will not exaggerate to appease this post. There are a few tricks hidden under sleeves and secrets a young man such as I, of flair [LOL], hold. Two words – bargain hunting. Where, you ask? Everywhere! Nothing is ever good enough and you can never have too much. Menswear is naturally more costly than women's wear so there alone is a greater reason to seek above and beyond. 

Many would have thought it near impossible to stretch every South African Rand to the max but ask a ‘varsity student because they know the ones and twos -- cross-country all over the city for the lowest deals and everything! Thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales are all good friends of the stylish as almost anything can be dug up out of there and, in all its splendor, shine just like treasure. In a lot of ways, it actually is a lot of fun because in as much as high-end malls as perfect, they don’t have every little thing that completes, for instance, the most flamboyant street style or punk-chic look.

However, some may wonder as to what lays beneath the imperative need to be a branded fasho and thus misapprehensions arise suggesting people with a taste for style are most likely egotistical, impractical and superficial; of course absolutely untrue. Fashion and style speak character and therein lays the whole point! 
I’ll elaborate: Personally, University saw me achieve all of what I never would have anticipated and these achievements only made me want to stand out and be more than a statistic but rather a separate identity of supernova heights! Allowing my artistic identity to reflect through style, not only made me feel better about myself but also made me work smarter. I ceased to be a mere ‘student number’ to my lectures but became the guy synonymous with fashion references. That and the addition of substance; anyone can hold a look but one must be potent.  

Fashion is identity. It is arguably the most compelling of the arts through visuals, touch and smell allowing anyone and everyone to be whoever they want to be. This is why it is worth all the hassle –- 

If you want to know more from this guy :) click here 

Hope you enjoyed a lesson on budget shopping! I know I could have used this long ago... I could have learned a thing or two from him... *sigh* where was he when I was buying those Aldo heels! WHERE!  



  1. Hello! Nice blog, and great photos in this post. Yeah I have the same after thoughts too! The where was "such and such" when I could of used him or her at that time??? LOL

    20SB LOVE

  2. Thanks so much for the opportunity to reach your readers! ;)




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