Sunday, December 11, 2011

It Doesn't Suck To Be You

My mother has this tradition of always making us say what we are grateful for everyday. At first I thought, do we need to? I am thankful for everything. But when it came down to actually being specific, it really put things in perspective for me. So often do we take the things that come our way for granted, we don't actually take the time to appreciate how blessed we are because of these things, and how blessed we are because not a lot of people get to have the same opportunities we do. Some of these things may be small, like I am grateful for the rain, but not so long ago I heard that about 70 elephants were killed in Victoria Falls because of the heat. AND THAT is not something to take lightly. Imagine what those elephants could have done with a little rain. 

10 Things I Am Thankful For Lately

1. The fact that I am surrounded by family. It is truly the best feeling being around the people that you love the most and that love you the most.

2. The Mr and my inspiration. He is truly the best, and even though I am always thankful for him. I realize more and more everyday that he is someone I admire too. He shows such strength when things go wrong, and a lot of people can take a lesson from him. Including myself. 

3. One of my best friends babies. She recently gave birth to an amazing little boy named Christian and I am IN LOVE! 

Look at this little buba!

4.  Being able to complete something I have put my mind too, no matter how badly I think I cannot do it. 

5. Being brave. I've recently had to do and say a lot of things that I really needed to say and do but didn't think I could ever. 

6. My Boss. She is an awesome woman, and she shows me everyday the things I can do. She makes where I want to be in the future seem so real.

7. Choosing to let go. Anyone can tell you, letting go of hurt and anger is so hard but you are so much better for doing it. I choose to do this recently, and I can honestly say I am thankful I did. 

8. The experiences {good and bad} that have made me who I am today, and the people who have walked with me through it all. 

9. Silence. I do the best thinking then. 

10. Thankful for the fact that I am able to be thankful

With so many things to be thankful for everyday, it surely can't suck to be you! 

Try it, what are you thankful for?


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