Friday, December 9, 2011

This Time of the Year

Whoever says friendship is easy has obviously never had a true friend!

I completely agree with the quote above. I always say friendship is never easy, and neither is any relationship with two different people. But true friendship stays true even in the midst of all the hardship. I always seem to keep learning this same lesson every year. It is hard to find true friends, because everyone these days comes to you posed as the greatest friend you could ever have but before you know it, they have done a number on you and you are left shocked. Why some of us still get shocked, I don't know, but this year I came across a lot of people, became close with some, but still at the end of the year I find myself thinking 'how did we get here' 

The saddest part about this time of the year is that I lose someone I thought so dear to me. Last year same story, this year, we are at it again. It is only then when I tell myself 'I can't anymore' that I realise that this person hasn't actually been a friend to me for the longest time.
It's funny but I use my birthday as a way of telling, it might be a bit selfish, but I always use the way my friends treat me on my birthday as a way of telling how they actually feel about me. I make a big deal out of peoples birthdays, especially those that are SO close to me, so when the same is not returned to me from those exact same people, I raise the red flag. Like I said, this could be selfish, we are not all the same, and people show they care in different ways, but there are times you just know.
So this year, I had to 'break up' with someone I used to call my BEST FRIEND. Do I miss her, yes, but do I regret my decision, no. We all deserve someone in your life that will be true to you no matter what. We should not have to question day in and day out whether someone is infact your friend, these are the things that you should just know without a doubt.
That's the problem with me, I am forever questioning who my friends are, it's not fair on me and it's not fair on them. Suddenly someone changes on you, or suddenly someone has a lot of negative things to say about you, or suddenyl someone decides 'I want new friends now' whatever the case is, I seem to have a case of frenemies! People who just come into my life for a reason and season, but never a lifetime.
My mother always tells me, the older you get the less friends you have, and I am now starting to see her point. 
A shout out to the THREE people that remain my special friends throughout the years! (",) 

 Feel free to share stories of any friends lost, or friends gained? (",)


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