Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Couldn't Get Michael Kors if you was F**king Michael Kors"

I've had my eye on a few Michael Kors goodies of late, and I blame my addiction to Pinterest. Like it's not enough that I generally just want to get my hands on anything fashionable, now I have Pinterest to make that ten times worse. So naturally because not everyone can gets what they wants, I have added the Michael Kors handbag collection to my wish list, for you kind souls out there *wink wink, nudge nudge*.


I'm sure most of us all know how hard it is to find a fashionable bag at a reasonable price, which is one of the reasons I have fallen in love with Michael Kors products, because even though they are pricey, they remain fairly affordable.

I tell you why in a second.

I have just spent most of my time assuming that this sort of luxury was 'above my pay grade' {I have always wanted to say that} and not something that I should be even looking twice at, so when Nicki Minaj sang "Couldn't get Michael Kors if you was f**king Michael Kors" I felt like I had to pay attention. But boy was I almost kind of sort of wrong, because yes their bags cost between 10, 000 to 7,000 South African Rands, and yes this is generally the price range you need to be prepared to see when you Google 'how much is a Michael  Kors bag' and then quickly Google after that 'No, how much is it really'...
but I realised that Michael Kors can still come through for a girl on a budgetbecause if between all that good-looking-I-can't-afford-these-kind-of-bags-stuff you are still able to find one that costs you about R 1,000 then hey, that is reasonably pricey right?
It is MK after all.






Either way, you could totally get it, and I know I can so get it. In fact we all can get it, and we all should..............

............................ Get Michael Kors bags is what I mean. 


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  1. OOOOOHHH!!! Please stop trying to make me adjust my budget for a bag! LOL I LOVE these especially the white one and the black and gold one. Lovely post Lulu! :)p.s. I'm your blog's number 1 fan (ok maybe number two, after Noxxie lol ) :) xx RN

  2. Great post! I'm on an Oros budget so Mr. Kors will have to wait!

  3. I LOVE MK - luckily I don't have as much access here in my small town in Europe or it'd be ahrd to resist!

  4. i always thought they range there on the 10k rank, never even bothered to check how much they are cos i thot i could never buy them on my varsity budget. but thanks for the knowledge, they actually not bad.


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