Wednesday, June 19, 2013

3 Things I want To Tell Kim Kardashian

Kimberly Kardashian recently gave birth to a no name baby girl that was expected in July, and ever since this glorious day in entertainment, I have been prowling all sorts of gossip blogs and so on just to find out anything that I can about this child. It's really shameful, I know. I am almost certain when it is Kate Middleton's turn I will be none the wiser. But any way, I love babies, so maybe and just maybe, this is what my obsession is about. I am quite excited for Kim, as if it were one of my friends, so if I could, I would say these things to say to her

1) You must be glad it's all over

I am not a mother, so I don't know what it's like to carry a person for 9 months, especially during those last few months, and maybe the paps just caught you on really bad days, but you looked like your life has never sucked more, and it couldn't have been easier with the whole world weighing in on your life. I know I did a time or two, especially during the MET Gala, oh, and when you wore those shoes too small for your feet. You didn't make it hard for us to be honest, but if I am being real, no one deserves that kind of bashing, even if they did sign up for it. So now that the pregnancy has come to an end I can imagine you must be relieved, you are only human after all, and choosing to live your life in front of the cameras and at the mercy of peoples heavy opinions doesn't change that. So, even though you might still end up on worst dress lists and appear on magazines covers for having an ass too fat, (you know it's not going to end) it's not going to be because of something you couldn't control.

2) Be more like Kourtney 

While it must have been super annoying to have people compare your pregnancy to your sisters, there are some things you might just want to learn from her, and the most important one of all is to not hide your baby  from us. Can you not see how in love we are with Mason, and Penelope's fat cheeks? I'm almost positive we will adore K..... (since you don't want to give us a name yet) and see, this is what I am taking about, it's been 5 days now and we still don't have a baby name. It's just a name Kim, and even Beyonce who is better at this game than you told us right off the bat what her little one was called. So please, just give us a name.


3) You are stronger than we gave you credit for

Over the years people have come to know you as one thing, a sex symbol. And your pregnancy, it kind of started to tear at that image, and not so nicely. You came under attack for all the wrong reasons, almost like it was unheard of for a pregnant lady to get fat. But in the midst of it all you seemed put together, you were not going to let people dictate who Kim should be, but instead show people that they can talk all they want to but this is who Kim is. And maybe I am comparing you to the likes of me, who would have probably chosen to take a nine month vacation in a cave, but it was nice to see. You did something that was clearly hard for you, in the open, all day everyday, and didn't allow people to dictate that. Go you!





  1. I love Kim and I love how you stayed on the positive side while writting this article.

  2. LOL this made me laugh so many times. I love you for writing this!


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