Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Royal Engagement

"Prince William engagement ring" is the 67th most popular Google search in the past hour! *jaw drops* you would think that finally hearing about the long awaited engagement would put a burn in the search engines like the internet is about to shut down... but no, in the number one spot we have Sky Nellor, (who by the way has THE coolest website I have ever seen! Check it out so instead of googling "why Prince William did not marry me" people are searching for former model now turned club DJ Sky Nellor. And no wonder, have you seen her!

I think I may have just added to the reason she is number one, but any way moving on, I still don't get why this royal engagement isn't as popular... are people that sad about it? Have they decided they want nothing to do with it? I bet they living on the mantra if you can not see it it does not exist... Nice one.

It's funny because the next popular search that has something remotely close to the engagement is at number 11 with..... wait for it...... How tall is Kate Middleton? WHAT!!! I swear I read that many times just to make sure I was not seeing things, but no, there it is in black and white, actually blue, at the number 11 spot... how tall is Kate Middleton.

It's as if people are not that interested, like:-
Person A: oh hey would you like at that, Prince William got engaged to that Kate, speaking of do you know how tall she is....?
Person B: Idk, good question. Let's Google it!
Person A: Great idea, right after I Google Sky Nellor.

heeelllllooooooo Prince FRIGGIN' William just got engaged... You know what, I'm going to talk about it.

I actually preferred the time when it was just the will they, won't they speculations, at least then I still held on to my dream of becoming a princess so friggin' bad, smiling next to Oprah and the Queen, but now every time I close my eyes I will see this

(Diana's engagement ring) and know that now the likelihood of marrying a Prince is 0 to none. Thank you very much for that William.

So to summarise, Prince William got engaged, no body cared, and we all lived happily ever after (without the prince)



  1. loves it. hanzi everytime i close my eyes i see this! #dies! shucks!

  2. ha ha ha google "why didnt Prince William marry me' LOL...that website is awsome ..good laaaaaawd!


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