Friday, November 12, 2010

Where have all the "ugly" women gone

I came across an article in Glamour magazine that I have not been able to stop thinking about, while I may have forgotten the exact title, I do remember that it went along the lines of "where have all the ugly women gone"...... Okay, maybe this is just me, but have you ever sat with a magazine in front of you, you are ready to read it and as you start all you see are just words in front of you, and in that moment that's all they are, words, because as you stare and flip through that magazine your mind is a million worlds away... well that was me then, but that changed when I came across that article. I was like wait what? Crazy talking Glamour magazine say what?

This article was written by a woman but from a mans perspective, basically he was saying that make up and plastic surgery and all things fashion have completely removed the idea of what woman should look like. As woman we all want to be perfect, we all want to be a size zero (which is not even a size), have a face like Halle Berry, a body like Ciara, teeth like Cameron Diaz, lips like Angelina Jolie and a butt like Jessica Alba. We try rid ourselves of imperfections forgetting that our insecurities and our imperfections make us us. We do the best to hide the scar on our hand, the pimple on our nose, the gap between our teeth, the stretch marks on our butt and we think that these things make us ugly, hence where have all the "ugly" women gone.

If you pick up any magazine from the shelves today you are bound to find gorgeous looking women on the cover who have one thing in common, they all look skinny and sexy. But do women really want to look like that? the answer is yes, and my question is why? there is nothing wrong in looking sexy but there is everything wrong in changing yourself to do that. We like buying the latest skin care products, hair products, fashion items, and make up and comparing ourselves to the model in magazines, but where is the reality in between all that glamour. Which is where the unknown guy in the article I read comes in, do women really know what guys want?

This "what do men/women want?" question has been asked decades ago, is still being asked now and will be asked for decades to come, there just isn't a clear cut answer. So many have tried and today I'm going to try... well as far as physical beauty goes. So buckle up, here goes:

Some may say there is a thin line between reality and fantasy but I say there is a huge difference. When I think about it, men may stare at a woman with triple D size cups, and they may fantasize about being with a super model, but that is as far as it goes. It is all just superficial and does not carry any substance. Personality, confidence, character, now that's substance. I think men want "real' women, and to me a "real" women has faults and imperfections.
There was some random poll that was taken about whether men like a superficial looking woman or a natural looking one, and out of the 1000 men that were asked, 6% of them said they would rather their women have botox than wrinkles, 69% of them said breast implants are not sexy and 50% of them said women should just ditch lipstick altogether.
Men like the wholesome, natural looking woman, not a woman that looks like she has just been unwrapped from a cardboard box written six to twelve years old with a price tag on it.

We should all (men and women) be able to show off our God given assets and not want to change them, after all no joys are comparable by being your own true self. Sexy is being able to just be yourself, we are already so beautiful, all it takes is loving oursleves wholly and completely and once we do that we will be loved by many.

"You're exceptional the way you are
don't need to change for no body
You're incredible, anyone can see that
When will you believe that?
You are nothing but exceptional" - Jojo


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  1. noooooooooooo men cant say ditch the lipstick all together...i am currently shoppin for my first uber red lipstick HOW DARE THEY!!!!


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