Sunday, January 9, 2011

R.I.P Facebook

People usually have some morning routine they are used to you know, wake up, make their bed, go use the toilet, check perez hilton dot com and that's how their day begins, everyday for the rest of their life. Well, I have mine. I wake up, check twitter, and then facebook and by then I'm ready to get out of bed. So today, I wake up and obviously I check twitter and what do I see? News that facebook is CLOSING down on the 15 of March! *jaw drops*

How could Mark Zuckerberg say 'Facebook has gotten out of control' oh wait, that's actually true.
Ok then, how could he say that he does not think that people will be upset? Does he know how many children stay playing farmville? Does he know how many sad souls need to let people know "what's on their minds"? Does he know how many paedophiles he is putting out of business? No Mark, I can bet you A LOT of people will be upset.

He is right about one thing though, now people will actually make the effort to have real contact with people and make real friends. And that's a really good thing. Some people have like a gazillion fafillion (yes that's a number) friends and when it actually comes down to it they actually often only talk to ten people. *raises hands* I can admit to that, I have quite a few friends and I only care about and talk to a selected few. So Mark 1- the rest of the world 0

Even though I check my facebook every morning, I kind of lost interest in it. I mean I love facebook and everything and it will always have a place in my heart, its kind of one of those things that are hard to let go of, you know your first puppy, your old house. So yes I was and am still quite shocked at this news, thank you Mark, but im sure the world will carry on just fine without facebook. In fact it will.

So if you care for your pictures, notes, links and videos make sure you get them before the 15th of March or they will be permanently erased. Hpmh and there we thought our pictures might just stay on the internet forever. The rest of the world 1- Mark 0


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