Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be the exception not the rule

I recently watched he is just not that into you, (finally) which is quite funny because when I read the book I knew it was something that I had to see. When I finally got the chance you could imagine my excitement. Movie tickets bought, popcorn and cokes in hand but once inside it was a different story, my boyfriend and I totally skipped the movie because we were worried debonairs would close before the movie ended, and we just could not have that. So.... We missed it. And now its January 2011 and two years later I finally got to see what I missed. And damn me for not watching it earlier because I really could have learnt a thing or two.

Any way, I'm a serial quoter of all things cute, funny, inspirational and just darn right true, and this movie taught me something that's actually common sense but I never quite wrapped my mind around it.

Be the exception not the rule.

We girls try find excuses for the things guys do. Whether its because we are completely clueless, or just trying to convince ourselves that we have found 'the one', we always try see the situation for what it really isn't. For example, (taken out of the movie) if you meet a guy, things seem to be going well. you exchange numbers, share a passionate kiss and after all that the guy does not call you, then he is not interested. The movie explains that if a guy is interested he will call you immediately, you will not need 2 play the 'wait-three-days-before-I-call' game or wait 7 days wishing on broken chicken bones that he will call, he just will.
However there is the EXCEPTION, he really might not be able 2 call for whatever reasons even though he may really want to.
I don't know, on his way from the restaurant his phone fell in a puddle and he lost all his numbers along with the phone, or his phone got stolen right from his hands and he really did try chase the phone thieves down the street but lost his breath and had to stop. <-- I'm reaching here but hey, you know what I mean. Things happen, everyday, and some of these things might be the reasons why your beau did not call like he said he would. Which I should add is RARELY the case, I mean what are the chances. But any way, in such situations you are the exception.

Us ladies always feel like we are the exception, as I said before, we like giving ourselves silly reasons as to why 'he' does what he does that makes it okay. While its okay to think you may be the exception we shouldn't block out the possibility that we might be the rule. We should always have in mind that we have a fat chance of being the rule and this maybe, just maybe could save us from heartbreak. We would know we are being taken for a ride and quit while we are ahead.
It sounds easier said than done, and maybe it actually is but if we don't want to end up on our couches with a box of tissues on our lap and 'notting hill' playing in the background then we have to not just say it but do it. We have 2 value ourselves that much more and know when we are the rule and be brave enough to accept it and move on... *starts to be corny* after all there is the right one out there waiting to make you his exception.. Oh yes, and you will have 2 kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. *done being corny*

If he does not call you don't wait around for that phone to ring, leave him.
If he does not want to marry you because he does not believe in marriage, don't wait around for him to change his mind, leave him.
If he keeps giving reasons for not wanting to commit to you(not just by marriage), don't make excuses for his bad behaviour, leave that man in the dust.
If its been months and he is still not asking you out, leave him. What is he waiting for? The rapture?
If he is emotionally disconnected but sticks around, leave him. You are not raising a child, he is clearly not interested or ready for a real relationship with you. Leave that boy, uhm I mean man.
If a guy continuously stands you up, blows you off or shows up late, leave him. He does not respect you or your time. Do we wanna date that? *Nelly Furtado voice* didn't think so.
If he is involved in another relationship (this is a no brainer) leave him. He is off limits AND might I add he is 99.9% of the time lying that 'he will leave her for you' ALSO if he does leave her for you what are the chances he won't leave you for someone else? All I'm saying is leave him.
If he only thinks about you late at night, leave him. You desrve all day everyday kind of attention.
If he all of a sudden gives you the silent treatment, leave him. Its most likely he is talking to someone else so what's point, wait around till he is bored with her? You're better than that. Leave him.

Men find it satisfying to get what they want, this is not rocket science, you can tell. Activity: Watch them when they play poker, watch them when they win you a gift a a fun fair by hitting that thing hard, watch them after they have just put you to bed, they are satisfied and happy because of it, SO if they are doing none of the above its because they don't want to. So leave him.

Tell me, are you the rule? Or the exception?


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