Friday, January 21, 2011

There is always someone worse off than you

I usually find myself saying phrases like 'I'm so depressed' 'I wanna kill myself' 'this is the worst day of my life' usually followed by '... Because I lost my phone' or '... Because I failed an assignment' or '... Because I stepped in a pile of dog shit, and the water at my house has been turned off, and my lap top shutdown meaning I can't watch Vampire Diaries and skype my boyfriend'.
That surely is nothing to take anti- depressants over. This is not to say that my life is so rosy that I have little to be depressed about. No, it just means there is someone out there worse off than me who would really put good use to words like 'depressed, kill myself and worst day of my life'

So maybe your boyfriend\girlfriend broke up with you, you trying to quit smoking is proving harder than quantum physics, your best friend walked away from you over something small, your family is driving you up the wall because they just won't let you grow up, or they are working you harder than a lab rat at your job. (Sorry about that, no really I am) but here is the bigger picture: chances are its not the end of the world.
Unless of course you are going through a nasty break up and the rapture begins and it really is the end of the world. Then you're unlucky.

People never really believe this though, until you actually meet this "someone worse off than you" someone with more problems with love, someone with problems with family, more problems with friends, more problems at work\school, just more problems. I mean, we have people losing their homes and loved ones to the floods, we have people being victims of human trafficking, we have young children being abducted and forced to work as child soilders, we have people living with and dying from HIV\AIDS, we have people living in poverty unable to get an education.

Being sad, angry and hurt about things is a natural reaction for us, and more than allowed, so yes, wallow, cry, punch a wall, pretend to be britney spears for the day (hey, to each his own) but no matter how bad or stressful things may seem there is someone out there who is having a much worse time and are still managing to keep their head and hopes up.

When I'm having a bad day, I'm having a BAD day, I make it about everything that is so wrong with my life, forgetting that I have a lot to be greatful for. The world is an unfair place and I've gotten the lucky-ish roll of the dice, (I'm no beyonce or anything) and I should be greatful for that. So should you.

Be thankful for the little you have got.



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  1. "Thought I was f***ed up with no shoes till I met me a n**ga with no feet."...Joe Budden

    After a chance encounter with a Barbara Ehrenreich (Smile or Die) interview earlier today, I was left wondering how many people were against the thought of "positivity", and pro "realist mentality" as they like to call it - which I see as a misconstrued perception of the smile/positivity. Someone who does not understand the what it means to be positive, and goes on using her journalistic abilities to brainwash people into believing her theory and thus buying her book.
    Glad to see someone else within my circles keeping the positive frame of mind.

    Busy with a post in response to the interview already.


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