Friday, February 4, 2011

House of Nwocha

I love the internet.
If not for the vast number of things you can do on there, also for the fact (which I think is so cool) how one link can take you to another link which will lead you to another link and then another and another AND another (you get the point). So while I was doing my sexy link to link dance I came across this Nigerian designer who owns the fashion label 'House of Nwocha'. One word: WOW!

What I'm wondering is why it took me googling random words to notice this brilliant stuff. Which rock have I been hiding under?

Fashion in Africa is being taken to a whole new level, and I will be dammed if I miss this train, bus, flight, ship, donkey cart or whatever. I'm riding with this one. Someone once said to me "support the great things that can come from the place you represent the most", that person was right.
As much as I love Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Baby Phat, Chanel,
And all those other to die for labels, its important for me to appreciate FIRST what is bred at home. Now, I'm not Nigerian, but I am African and we are one home so to speak, so to all those beautiful labels out there, I add to my list 'House of Nwocha'.

This collection is called 'Zion', and in the words of designer Ugonna Omeruo herself it is 'a zionic paradise with a combination of edgy and sexy'. The spring\summer collection was "inspired by an Asian samurai painting" and reveals an arrangement of long classic dresses, edgy short pieces and chic style suits all for a younger and flirtier look.

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I'm loving the mix of fuchsia, royal blue, black, green and orange.

The thing is, (and I have to be really honest here) when it came to African attire I had nothing against it but at the same time would never wear it. Let me explain, you know how something will look totally gorgeous on a mannequin or the person next to you but once you try it on not so much? Well yes, that's the theory I had with African wear. It looks nice yes, but on my mum and people her age. That's what I love about 'House of Nwocha' I feel like I could rock these clothes like I rock my face. I'm loving the youngness and difference it brings.

Ten gold stars to Ugonna Omeruo. Now, to find her address, phone number and stalk her.




  1. Nice!! Coming from a zambian girl i tell you now we can so do african wear. Google some zambian designers as well its always been an in thingun wear african attire in my country. I'll post some of my own outfits for you to see! I approve this message!

  2. *googles Zambian designers*

    Yay looking forward to seeing some of your outfits..!
    So true though, we really can rock the African do!
    Love love love it!

  3. The Pink and Blue attire I have loved and hoping
    to have them in my wardrobe.... Lulu Zambians have excellent designers as well and I will shoot for these one of these days!!! Its Go Africa Go!!


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