Thursday, February 17, 2011

"love love love love love love", say it many times you will start to believe it.

With valentines day way past the corner, (I know this blog post is a little late, it being the 17th of February and all, but with the flowers and chocolates still in my room forgive me for still feeling valentinesy) I just got to thinking.

So many of us have warped ideas of this day, to some its hell all around for many people, whether they are single attached or somewhere in between. To others its practically the day they were born for, they can't wait to spoil and be spoiled.

I had a discussion about this with a friend of mine on twitter, I had said "valentines day is just another day like the 19th of January" and boy was he was not impressed, he said that it grinds his gears when people say things like that, and went on to say that these people don't really have a romantic bone in their body because as far as he was concerned it's just one day, not the only day, that people can celebrate love, and if you are in any way romantic you would be happy about the day and not try colour it black.
And this is somewhat true, this year I noticed a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter saying how much they hate valentines day. I noticed a lot of this Valentines day and this "happy love suxx day" and I laughed my ass off.

I tell you why, it's not only because I had what is the best valentines of my life, but because as I said before people have such warped ideas of the day.

I remember long ago, like say, back in preschool, when the mere thought of the opposite sex was eeuuww! I remember if you had to sit next to or hold one of their hands in some line, that was it, day ruined.
It was back then that love certainly wasn't on our mind. If anyone asked or spoke about valentines day, we were like 'valentines who? just tell me where the sweets are!'
Back then we were not worried about not having anyone, or freaking out because you wanted to buy and get the best gift ever, or stressed because its already half the day and no one has sent you flowers and a mystery card, or even sad because everyone but you has a date at the best restaurant in town. We were just happy.

Now, many years later, we restrict ourselves from the joys of the day. Who said that this day should be restricted just to romantic love? As far as I'm concerned its a day of love. period. That includes your mother, brother, sister, friend, anybody that you hold close to your heart.
My boyfriend told me that on valentines day he didn't always buy girls roses and things, instead he would buy roses for his grandmother. every. valentines. day. That's what its about, showing those you love, you love them.

So while people are buying flowers and gifts for their significant others, and you find yourself alone on that day, consider the people in you life that you love and love you back.

Random acts of kindness go a long way to making what people have been calling 'love sucks day' 'love rocks day'

Hope you guys had a lovely valentines.



  1. I am a hopeless romantic trust me...but this february14th had to be my worst. it rilly did blow the perfect love sucked day ever still a believer tho!

  2. I'm glad you still a believer. (",)
    Gosh there is a quote that I am thinking about, I don't know how it goes exactly, but somewhere along the lines of people think love hurts, but rejection, fear blah blah blah hurt, love is the only thing that makes you feel better.

    (find a way to make that apply to your situation)



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