Monday, March 14, 2011

14 day challenge.

Lately it seems my dreams and I are battling weight issues. You see this is something I was not really aware of until I went to bed.

First I dream that I was in a race, I've been watching Pretty Little Liars and that Emily chick takes me back to the days where I used to swim, and compete and just enjoy being in the water. So here I was in my dream, swimming to the finish line, when I find myself no longer in a pool but on a field running cross country O_o. Any way, it all starts off really well until suddenly I turn into this fat blob and I just start rolling towards the finish line. I didn't stay in that dream long enough to find out what happened next. Although I'm sure I won.

RT @DannyThatGuy: #waystopissoffafatperson ask them which one is faster for you, running or rolling <--- I blame this tweet.

Then I dream that I'm sitting with my mother having chocolate daiquiris, and as I get up to go get something she says to me "but Lulu you are getting fat". I got out of that dream pretty quickly too, who knows what would have happened next.


All I know is that after these dreams I have been looking at myself a little differently now. I don't think I am fat, no I'm just noticing flab in places I hadn't before. It's making me contemplate outwardly things. Like running/jogging/moving my legs in a way that I have not before.
People that know me, know me for being lazy. yes, that's me. The one that prefers to get out of bed at 12 in the afternoon, the one that would rather order take out than cook everyday. that's the one, that's me.

Now all of a sudden this flab is messing with the status quo.

It got me thinking, now I'm not good in statistics of any kind. The subject kind, the one out of ten people kind, or the made up kind, but here is a statistic for you. As far as females are concerned the most spoken phrase in the English language is "I need to lose weight" right after "I hate him."
(It's true, Loogle it. That's right. LOOGLE- search engine stored in my brain.)

I don't know what it is with us females but we are always trying to lose weight. One of my friends is on the master cleanse diet - lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper powder, and water.
Yum. I bet she can't wait to take all that in.
Another of my friends is on the starvation diet

"can't talk now, focusing on staying alive by starving"

And some people I know are on that starts tomorrow diet

"I swear after this cake, pie and soda I'm done"

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Whatever the case is, we are always trying to lose weight. Something has to go, and for me right now that's my flab.

So I've decided I'm going to start living a healthy lifestyle, drink lots of water, lay off the take out, eat home cooked meals, eat lots of fruit, eat breakfast, exercise, and do all that boring stuff for at least two weeks. If this doesn't work, screw diets... I'm going to pray the flab away. At least with prayer I know I get results.

So for anyone also trying to lose something, weight, flab, whatever, BEST of luck. I know I need it. I hate breakfast, hate water, hate fruits, love take out. I'm. Going. To. Die.



  1. I'm actually in that blah "I feel like I need to lose weight" kind of mode. I think it's the time of year. Truly, I probably only need to shed 5lbs -but its more psychological than anything. I think it's the time of year.. .

  2. Oh yay, I'm not alone.

    I agree, it's got to be more psychological than anything because I get so many people telling me that I really don't have that much weight to lose, unless I want to die. But I still can't shake off that feeling of "I need to lose weight"

    I guess you can't go wrong in eating healthy anyway, weight loss or not. (",)


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