Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily inspiration: wouldn't you like to know.

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It surprises me sometimes how inspiring and inspired people can be..... Every. Day.
I've got a couple of friends, by couple I mean two, who started up this blog R.I.O and each day for 365 days they will be taking a photo and writing a poem that relates to that photo, and vice versa.
It's really amazing what they do.
I really can't tell you how amazing it is, you just have to see for yourself. hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Any way, it kinda hit me, we have around us people, things and stuff that are/can be/should be/act as an inspiration to us and sometimes we just walk right on by like it ain't nothing. So I've decided that each day, I'm going to put up something that's inspired me and hopefully, just hopefully (it better) rubs off on you too.

Today, I've been inspired by fashion, I think this is kind of a daily inspiration for most of us huh? But you see, there are these two blogs that I recently started following, and they give away amazing stuff, last week Miss Molly gave away these amazing jeans from Cheap Monday. She calls it Cheap Monday giveaway.

amaze right? Well turns out I didn't win them. Better luck next time right? That's also what I thought, so I entered the next competition she had, these totally cool tees

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Didn't win these either. But I haven't lost hope, no sirree, it's like the lottery.... one day we will all win.

Being Brazen also has some pretty cool giveaways, gosh I'm a sucker for free things. Any way right now she has up this pretty pink lace skirt. Three words: I WANT IT!

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So naturally I entered, and this competition is still running so you can enter here, I'm keeping my toes and fingers crossed for this one! She asked us to let her know what we would wear it with, here is what I said:

'I would wear this skirt with a black body suit. black six inch heels, or black pumps (depending on where I am going) would tie my hair up in a bun and accessorize with pink stud earings (same color as the skirt) and a long silver and pink chain. oh and depending on whether its day or night hot or cold, I would wear a black blazer on top of that.'

Is this winning material or what? No seriously, is it?



  1. hi lulu, looking at the skirt dear its simple but I took my time imagining myself in it, I saw myself looking good and epecially on an informal outing.... the colours of your accessories are well matching... people tend to ignore such fashions but you will get to find out the simple styles are the best love.My view point...... I like the skirt.

  2. The skirt really is simple but gorgeous. I especially love the lace.
    Glad you can also see yourself wearing it :)


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