Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If I Were a Boy! {Valentines Day Special}

I'ts the day of love! Valentines Day!

I really get in such a giddy mood when this day rolls around, not for anything specific really, but it's just nice to see all the love going around.

I love love, I really do. I am such a hopeless romatic that anything love related gets me going. It get's me in a little trouble sometimes because I usually picture this perfectly romantic situation in my head but in reality it doesn't quite turn out like that. That's okay {sometimes} because life isn't like the movies. But when days like this, valentines day, anniversaries come around.... I wish I were a boy! It sounds strange I know, because usally it's the girl that gets spoiled rotten on such days. Who wouldn't want that right? Well, no. I am glad I am a girl, I really am, especially with the man I have. But I just think I could be the perfect boyfriend, partner, what have you sometimes. 
Don't mind if I toot my imaginary horn, but me and my hopeless romantic self would spoil the beejezus out of whoever we are dating. I would make a small deal a big deal, a meaningless thing, so meaningful, and so on and so forth. That girl would be so lucky.

Or maybe, it's because I am a girl that I think this way? Hmmmm.

Whatever the case, in my own little world, right now I am a boy, and my girlfriend just woke up to rose petals all over the bed and floor, with a cute little note on the bedside saying 'beautiful, meet me downstairs'.... she would then follow the trail of roses to the dining room where she would find ready made breakfast for two.... {maybe, just maybe I will be the naked chef} but that's irrelevant. I would wish her a happy valentines day, and then proceed to open the breakfast plates. In each plate there would be ofcourse her favourite treats. Eggs benedict in one plate, freshly made toast in the other, red velvet cup cakes in other, and the last plate will hold two tickets to her favourite show {that night the ballet or something} late that day two dozen flowers would be delivered to her workplace, with a note saying 'can't wait to see you tonight' and the rest is history really.... but that is kind of how my day would be going right now. And I won't be like that just because it is valentines day.


Any way friends do have a fabulous day! I have been told to get 'ready' I don't know what that is code for, but let us see! Maybe I will have a real fancy story to tell you!


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  1. Aw I love Valentines day too! (I may possibly be the only single person in the world to feel that way?!) But I love seeing everyone so happy and sharing the love!

    Have a great day - I can't wait to read all about it!


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