Monday, April 16, 2012

Instagram Party

I recently discovered the joy of Instagram. I know I am a bit late in this fad, but do forgive me I have a blackberry! :-( These things that claim they do so much, really?
Any way, this past Easter break I visited my boyfriend and he has a Samsung Galaxy S2 that I think he is more in love with than me.. any way the 2 of us will battle it out a bit later on because I too was taken by this thing and simply because of Instagram. 
I've seen a lot of people I follow on twitter talk about how great and awesome this app is, and before I actually tried it out myself I was like, oh c'mon excited over a bunch of effects are we? but no, this app is too cool (for lack of a better word) besides catching up with my boy and meeting up with friends, I spent a chunk of my holiday draining the Mr's phone battery. 

There are more, but this is just a snippet on how I could not stay away. I think I'm in love. 

P.S I guess this means I'm back. explanation (*sigh*) coming soon. 



  1. Ha! My boyfriend is having an affair with all of his Apple-products. It's so funny to watch him clean and polish them, because they are like his babies.
    Lovely photos! I have instagram installed on my iPhone, and I also think it's too cool! I wish everything looked like it does on instagram.

  2. You have such a beautiful complextion! I am so jealous!! ;)

    Thanks for mingling, girlfriend!

  3. Hahahaha, oh yes definitely. I wish everything looked like it does on instagram too! Life would be that much prettier!
    And wait till we get toys to replace our boys too.. Lol.

  4. Aaaaw thank you meg!! *all smiles*
    Also, thank you so much for the comment on my blog and you are welcome! :-)

  5. Instagram really is the best app for your phone. Glad you've joined the club ;)

    Visiting from Mingle Monday! Hope you have a fabulous day my dear!


  6. Great pictures! I love Instagram! :)
    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  7. Hey Lulu! I'm doing some super late Monday Mingling. It's too funny that you say he's in love with his phone more than you. I had a boyfriend in high school that I seriously think would have picked his car over me! Boys...

    I'm even later on the Instagram thing because I still don't have it! But I'm glad it's living up to your expectations.

    Have a great weekend!

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