Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Y'ellow Summer

It's been almost a month into summer down these ends, and I've been planning a few summer post for awhile. Granted I am a little delayed, but better late than never right?

For the very first post I thought I would  start off with a '10 things I want to do this summer list' from fellow blogger Samantha at Ebony Delights (please peep out her blog and give her a shout)

We all have that I-can't-wait-to list that we draw up in our minds when summer comes, the long months of winter can definitely do that to you.

Here are Samantha's

1) Shop till I drop - My wardrobe needs updating.

2) Read - I love to read and have a reading challenging on my blog, and I've picked out 5 must reads:

John Grisham – The Litigators
Maeve Binchy – Minding Frankie
Jeffrey Archer- Paths of Glory
Penny Vincenzi- The Best of Times
Louise Bagshawe- Glitz

3) Spend time with friends and family

4) Begin my present shopping

5) Catch some sun- the weather is heating up nicely. 

6) Dress to kill- wear bright coloured dresses and sandals, I’ve been covering up my skin just a bit much.

7) Watch movies – like “5 year engagement”

8) Quench the thirst- sip some sun downers while sitting on the balcony

9) Blog more consistently- I’ve been slackly on my blog lately and I want to finish strong on one of my goals.

10) Eat for summer- lots of colourful fruits, smoothies and vegetables.



  1. A very well thought out summer list! So inspiring! I'm getting on mine right now!


  2. Thanx Lulu for letting me featuring I hope your readers enjoy and are inspired. :)

  3. Everything except present shopping is what I do during the summer! Loved 5 Year Engagement--so good!



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