Thursday, May 9, 2013

In the Spirit of Mothers Day

It's Mothers Day coming up, and while I was scrawling the Internet for Mothers Day ideas, because you know, since the invention of Google we don't really have minds of our own. I came across the sweetest thing, and speaking of Google they take the credit on this one. They recently made a video clip called 'Here is to all the Mom's' in celebration of Mothers Day. It captures such adorable moments between mother and child and I just had to share.

So just like them, this Mothers Day video I dedicate to all the Mothers out there, old, young, expecting, hoping to expect.. all of you, this one is for you, and I know we have three more days to the actual day, but let me just be cliché here in saying, every day is Mothers Day. Am I right?


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