Friday, April 1, 2011

Say hello to my little friends

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I contemplated writing this post for a while, mainly because this is just EMBARRASSING! But who can I be vulnerable with if it is not you guys right?

Here is the thing

So, my friend comes to me with this problem of the face, I don't know she has dry skin or skin dandruff or something, who knows. So any way while we were at the mall we decide to ask the help of a professional, I mean they know what they are doing right? So we go to Clinique and she starts telling them her problem and asking what products they recommend because she has heard they are just so amazing and there is nothing better. hmmm.

Obviously this is music to this woman's ears, she gets so excited, and launches in to some mini biology lesson.

She gives my friend the advice she needs: step 1 wash, step 2 toner, step 3 moisturizer. And now this is when everything goes wrong.

She turns to me and says 'like you my dear have a problem with your face'

Me: (in shock) *nods*

Her: you need a facial scrub that can take away all the black heads that have come to the surface.

Me: (still in shock) *stares*

Luckily at this point my friend comes to the rescue and starts asking about a whole lot of stuff like the price, and how many times she would have to do this 3 step process, and how she would have to budget for at least a month before she can actually buy it because this stuff is just to pricey. It really is.

So this lady offers us, yes US, free samples. sounded fun, so now I paid attention. fun? free? I'm game.

Her: what type of skin do you have?

My Friend: Dry

Me: Oily

and 2 seconds later, she gives us these.

Now I'm all excited can't wait to try out this new product and not once did I think about the drama that would occur in my life.

Here is the thing about my face and I, we get each other, not so well, but we get each other. I've never had a problem with my face, yes I've had the occasional black head problem (which I will admit is why I even tried this product in the first place) but I've never ever ever had a pimple problem. Maybe when I was hitting puberty or something but that is understandable but now? not ever.

So you can imagine my surprise when 2 days later (because the sample was for 2 days) I'm looking like this: Say hello to my little friends.

I'm so upset with that sales lady for even offering me free stuff, and upset with myself for thinking that this would be fun, and I'm upset with my friend for making her problems my problems. You see, we went there for her,I had 6 zero problems with my face before that day, and if it wasn't for even going there I wouldn't be looking like I'm under attack.

I've been like this for almost 3 days now, and it just seems to be getting worse, I'm not using the product anymore (obviously) and I'm not putting anything on my face either.

I'm scared.

I just want these pimples gone and then we can deal with whatever health hazards my face was facing. (face was facing. funny.)

Any remedies anyone?



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  1. hahahahhahahahhahahhaha no comments..i wont say nothing much and you know why *LooksAway* and do you really want remedies now?


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