Thursday, November 22, 2012

ELLE Style Reporter

Last night I attended probably the best event this entire year, {yes, I don't get out that much} either way, I am glad the glam gods forced me out because one thing is for certain ELLE Magazine South Africa and Blackberry know how to throw a party.

For the past couple of months ELLE  in association with BlackBerry® have been searching for a style reporter to join their team, no details necessary, who wouldn't read just that and not jump at such an opportunity? Obviously no one. Style reporter says it all. Any way the judges ELLE editor, Jackie Burger, photographer Ed Suter, ELLE Online editor Jenna McArthur, South & Southern Africa marketing director for BlackBerry® Ulanova Visser and Corporate Communications Manager for Sub-Sahara Africa at Research In Motion (RIM) Christa Botha chose 7 lucky bitches finalists to battle it out over a series of three challenges.

The final challenge was to take place at this 'blog party'. Obviously I had to attend, if not to snatch the award out of the winners hand and claim it as my own, then to see all their hard work and dedication pay off. I had hoped for the former, but oh well. 

The venue was perfect I must say, the whole aim of the style reporting was to capture South African street style, and this venue was perfect in highlighting just that, it was not a fancy hotel, nor was it a fancy club but literally a museum space in the middle of town. How much more street can you get. Of course I showed up in a mini dress and high heels though, but hey. Free food and drinks were served to us all night, 5FM's Poppy Ntshongwana was the host of the night, music was on another level, my favourite DJ in the whole of the land, DJ Zinhle was on decks. She rocked my socks off I tell you, but the highlight for me at that event was the people of course. From the people who greeted you at the door, to the people who served you at the bar, to the people in the industry you got the chance to rub shoulders with, {my favourite meet and greet was with Live Amp presenter Luthando, BEAUTIFUL SOUL}.


The ever so talented and prettyful @DJZinhle and I

The gorgeous and uber friendly @LootLove and I

The bar

Mingle with Ed Suter

Guests mingling

Let me tell you though, not one single person was out of style, everyone with their flashing cameras and video cams deserved to have their picture taken. That was one whole fashion show on the side, two points for ELLE, blog party and fashion show in one? Score.

 As the whole point was to announce the winner of ELLE’s style reporter, let me get to that. I was incredibly happy with who they chose to be their style reporter. If it wasn’t for this competition I would have never come across any of his work, but Trevor Struuman, check him out, here and here, is one helluva fashionista. I was rooting for him from day one, and when they called him out as the winner it was like I won too, and everyone else {who attended the event for the actual style reporter winner announcement and not for free grub and goodie bags} must have felt the same way I did, cause once ‘and the winner is Trevor Struuman…’ was announced the crowd went wild. It was expected, like I said, go here and here and let him tell you himself why he deserved to win.

The announcement of the winner by ELLE editor, Jackie Burger 
Before the announcement

'and the winner is..... TREVOR STRUUMAN' 
After the announcement
It was honestly a fabulous night, well planned, well executed, and a true life changing experience for Trevor who now gets to sit with the big boys and report on what I personally love to see and read the most, South African street style. Who knew mid-week partying can be this fun. Congrats Trevor, and kudos to ELLE and BlackBerry® for an event well thrown. *stalks tweets for the next one*



  1. Thank you! How come you didn't go? you would have loved it. You live in JHB though yes?

  2. Great post!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog too!
    Hope to see you over there again!

  3. This looks like it was a lot of fun! Definitely going to keep a lookout for Trevor Stuurman. His blog is crazy!!



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