Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hey! it's okay...

The past couple months have been a lil hectic for me. I am in the final months of my honours year and everything just seemed to be piling on at once, deadline after deadline and not to mention these random moments I experience from time to time JUST because I am a girl. (Yeah, I said it.)

Today, or rather tomorrow, that all ends. I hand in my thesis and I say 'see ya later' to all this. I. Can. Not. Wait.
However, today as I was dusting up my thesis and reading emails I said to myself: 'You know what, I may have felt all sorts of ways about my life and where it was heading these past couple of months, but hey... It's Okay'

This list is really for those who like me sometimes find themselves stuck with their lives.

Hey.... It's okay to not really know what tomorrow holds, you have today and if you make that work, chances are you can make tomorrow work too. 
Hey.....It's okay to feel like no one gives you the credit you want for the things you do, timing is everything, do these things for yourself and not for someone else's benefit and what you deserve will surely be yours. 
Hey....It's okay to admire someone else's work and talents, but admire yourself more, it's easy to lose sight of you and what you have to offer when you are too busy thinking someone else's life is better than yours. 
Hey.... It's okay to take a few steps back. This is not a sign of failure, it is only then that you can ever really see the full picture, and you know what they say, 'Retreat to move forward' 
Hey....It's okay to panic, it means you actually care about something. 


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