Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Newest Kid on the Block Ash Muzik

Ashley Beyers, popularly known as, Ash, or A.S.H. recently dropped on my radar. This Durban born professional dancer has been in and around the music scene for a while, participating and appearing in many dance shows and competitions, also taking the stage with South African award winning hip hop and R&B groups Jozi, HHP, and Jamali, and taking part in the hit television series 'So You Think You Can Dance South Africa' in 2010.
Yeah, okay..... so maybe he isn't the newest kid on the block, and I am just about two years too late to the party, but whats new to many of us is this super talented moves maker is broadening his career to include singing. Yup, not only is he taking the stage but he is taking the microphone too.

Rumour has it A.S.H. has been singing underground for awhile now, only sharing his talent with a select few. I recently heard his latest single 'No 1 Does it Better' off his EP 'Ash Has Landed' that he plans to release in January of 2013, and let me just say [for lack of a better phrase] Ash sure has landed. I love the sound of 'No 1 Does it Better' kind of has an old school yet modern vibe to it. His sound actually reminds me of the Dream, you know, Terius Nash the voice behind Falsetto and Rockin' That Thang, yeah, that kind of electronic pop R&B sound. So basically those of you who love the Dream and his music are in for a treat with A.S.H, granted I haven't heard any other song from him yet, but if this new single is anything to go by then yes.

Take a listen to No1 Does it Better here and judge for yourself

All he needs to do now to make him a triple threat is act. Generations anyone?

For more on A.S.H, follow him on Twitter @Ash_Muzik, or  @_TeamAsh and @SwaggedIncPR for any PR related queries.


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  1. Okay yup, that song definitely sounds the Dream like. Real cool track I must say. Been singing the chorus since.

    Great post!


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