Sunday, November 4, 2012

[Re] Create

A friend and I went to visit a little part of Cape Town that I had never been to this past weekend. It's crazy that I have lived in this city for almost a year now and there is still so much touring that I need to do. Anyhoo, I get to cross The Old Biscuit Mill off my list now.
For those planning to ever visit Cape Town I tell you now, this place is a must see. Every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm you can enjoy some of the best ready made food ever and delight yourself in some crafty, decorative, and ornamental shopping.
Sadly I left with nothing, except a slight Mojito buzz, a full stomach and unforgettable experience. One I am sure to do again. Soon.

But, on our way there, I came across this amazing store. [Re] Create an interior design design shop founded by Katie Thompson.
Let me tell you now, this store has some amazing things. I am one that plans how her house is going to look five years from now, etc... and I can definitely see myself getting a piece or two from Katie's store. She uses pieces of old, discarded junk to recreate a unique and recycled range of furniture and interior accessories. My favourite by far has to be the suitcase chair. Yes, suitcase chair, a suitcase that is a chair.
I am in awe by the creative minds we have in this world, who would have ever thought the things we put our luggage in could also be the things we could sit on, and not just to close an overly packed bag (ladies). Apparently the suitcase chair was Katie's first recreation and the responses she has received since have been phenomenal that she just cannot and should not stop making them.
Here are a few of the ones she had in her store when we visited.

Can't wait to decorate my house with such beauty one day. These are some things I could definitely see myself putting in my children's playroom, lounge or bedroom.
For more of Katie Thompsons stuff, check out her website here or her online shop here 



  1. I am yet to visit Cape Town, any and every interesting part of it.
    Love your blog logo.

    Check out my blog and follow back if possible!

  2. I love the seats!! Suitcase chairs look rally comfy. If only that were available here :D


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