Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi There You Fabulous Month You

Hi There You Fabulous Month You, 

I'm excited that February is finally here. I've really been feeling like I have been in a daze the whole of January, so many to do lists that haven't been checked off, blogs that haven't been posted, feelings that haven't been expressed, and it's just not good. So February needs to be good to me.  

Also, maybe it's just me, but January seemed to never want to leave us. I'm in no rush for anything really, It's just that February, after December has got to be one of my favourite months. People just seem happier, cheerful and lovely. It might have something to do with Valentines Day, I am sure, love in the air and all that, a little nauseating but it's a good month to be in. 

Besides all that, a lot is going to be happening for me this month, mainly the fact that this month I start the beginning of the end of my last year as a STUDENT, \o/ granted I will forever be a student of life, but student of the educational system, no more. So I just really can't wait to see what this last year has in store for me, and the sooner I get started the better. 

5 days in and counting. 

May February be good to you too! 


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