Monday, February 18, 2013

'Beyoncé will be in your life like she’s never been before'

Beyoncé Knowles is the name on almost everybody's lips lately. With her epic super bowl performance not so long ago, her announcement of The Mrs. Carter Show, her interview with the queen of television Oprah Winfrey, and her much anticipated documentary on HBO 'life's but a dream', it is no surprise. This woman has it all and then some. If there was anybody I could be for a day, at this very moment I would pick Mrs. Carter.

I haven't laid my eyes on either her interview with Oprah or her HBO documentary yet, but it is the March 2013 “Power Issue” of Vogue that has left me stunned right now. I have to admit with some reluctance that I am such a prier, an A grade celebrity stalker, I want to know the very intimate details about a celebrities life, only because they seem so far away that knowing what makes them human, just like the rest of us, makes the difference. And in this issue, Beyoncé did that for me, even though there was still more to be revealed through 'Life Is But a Dream' I felt an honest picture of Beyoncé Knowles carved through that article. Especially the love she has for her family. That Beyoncé and Jay-Z kind of love, that Beyoncé and Blue Ivy kind of love. Yes please. Reading things like this make me excited to have a family of my own, be a mother, be a wife, and just feel a different kind of wholeness and happiness.

Regardless of all that, she had a banging photo shoot too. The yummy mummy donned some uber sexy outfits, with looks by Alexander McQueen,  Haider Ackermann and Oscar de la Renta.

Beyoncé is the IT girl of the moment and this moment will last forever.



  1. DANG!!!! women is HOT!!!!!! and sexy without even trying.


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