Friday, August 13, 2010

Colour me red

I'm that type of girl that like to keep things simple, from the way I live my life, to the relationships I have and even to the clothes that I wear. You can say I live by the saying "less is more", BUT as a new years resolution i decided to try new things, and to be honest I haven't gone that far with in that department, unless you count going to a strip club and attempting a long distance relationship, but all this changed when I went shopping with a friend for a birthday present and came out of the mall with red lipstick.
Now this might sound crazy, red lipstick? really? who doesn't have lipstick?
ummmmm...... me. I never wanted to wear lipstick in my life, lip gloss is as far as I thought it would ever go for me. I always saw lipstick as something for "grown women".

Any way this is how i really feel about my new transformation....

................ I like it....... :)))))))

Lu3Lu xx

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