Monday, August 23, 2010


When i hear "KLS" I immediately think of the fabulous Kimora Lee Simmons, and in my opinion who doesn't. If its not for her sparkling personality, jaw dropping fashion label and absotively posolutely adorable children then its definitely for her hard work.
And even though I'm moving slightly off track (only slightly) I actually want to take a minute to talk about this phenomenal woman.
I'm a twitter addict, I'm on there 24/7 365 like its running out of fashion, but what can I say I love it.(at the risk of sounding like a stalker) the one thing I really like about it is that you can keep up to date with your favorite celebrities, like KIMORA LEE SIMMONS! And okay i get it, there is one thing about following celebrities just to stalk their lives but its another thing actually interacting with them, and those of you who follow Mrs Simmons know that she is number one at interacting with her fans and its just absolutely amazing when that happens (not that it has happened to me *sigh*) BUT I know a luck lady (RuTendoDenise) that got tweeted by her and in two words: heart attack. I will never forget what she said "ZIMBAWEEE! STAND UP!". Now I'm from Zimbabwe so you must know how exciting it must have been for me to read that. I was literally "tweetless..."
So before I ramble on, I just thought I had to share this because like I said it is one of the many joys of twitter having someone you love and adore take the time to tweet you back. So i say KIMORA LEE SIMMONS! STAND UP!

So lets cross over, back to KLS..!

Today this does not mean Kimora Lee Simmons but rather "Keep Life Simple"
Life as we know it can be a rather complicated process, and over the past few days I have allowed this "complication" to get the best of me.... I mean check it, if we look at the word "life" we can see that its full of ifs and lies (and let me remind you "ifs" never travel alone, be sure to look out for its cousins buts and maybes) but if you put it altogether that's life. pretty much nothing you can do about it.... except....... KLS, keep it simple.
I actually told myself its impossible to fight fire with fire, and in that regard its impossible to fight complication with complication. So many people say if life throws u lemons make lemonade, or drink tequilla and I say YES to that, but one of my favorites and ones that I aim to live by is if life throws you lemons make grape juice and leave people wondering how you did that.
I definitely know how I can make grape juice out of family, my friends, and myself. Nothing is better than having an amazing support group behind you and YOU giving them reason to be amazing.

Love and Light


  1. awww this is so sweet especially the end i loves it :) and i love the whole grape juice thing coz pple always say make lemonade or sumthing related to lemonade but GRAPE JUICE thats something new ....

  2. oh my garde..loves it...! so wen I was readin the "ZIMBABWEE STAND UP" part i was frantically waving thats me me thats me!!!! Je suis RuTendo DeNise...! that was jus a moment.... mais reading on KEEP LIFE SIMPLE::::LOVES IT and it couldnt have been better said BuNBun! *Heart warm after reading this!

  3. Thanx ladies :)
    Nyarai I know.. that grape juice thing is amazing, no one would ever think like that and thats why I like it.
    Ru I dont think you or I will never get over that ZIMBABWE STAND UP! LOL, im glad i witnessed that!


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