Monday, September 6, 2010

"I'm sorry" Is that hard for you to say?

We all love to talk, so much that some can say anything just to hear the sound of their own voice, but who really blames them its one of the only things we have been very good at since the age of 2! Did you know (because I didn't) that the average words we speak a day are about 16,000 words? *gasp*........ I know, I had the same reaction!

Its funny though, we talk this much but there are still somethings that are just so damn hard to say, and I think to myself why is that??
Its almost as if we were all wired in a certain way, that something in our body just does not function when its time to say things like 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry' or 'I need help'.
What is that about? Adam and Eve...........that's got to be the answer! whenever something goes wrong blame Adam and Eve.

I think 'I'm sorry' has got to be the hardest, I mean there are even songs about this. Most of us like receiving a heartfelt apology, we sit there like ' yeah you better be sorry' but if that is the case why are we not able to return the favour. It's no secret that we are human beings and as human beings we make mistakes (Adam and Eve) so why not just apologise, move on and live happily ever after?

Two things! One: It's not fun to admit you are wrong, it's like a shift in the balance of power, (where those words came from I don't know) but it's like once you admit you are wrong you suddenly feel this small! You suddenly feel humiliated, vulnerable, and that's just not fun, trust me, I know. It's hard feeling like you are taking out a part of yourself and saying "here do what you want with it"
which brings us to two: the fear of rejection. Saying sorry is one thing, but having to feel like your apology wont be accepted, or you will be blown off makes saying sorry ten times harder.

Fighting with my friends and family sucks eggs, and I have a lot to learn as far as apologies are concerned, but I'm thinking what does not kill you only makes you stronger, so saying sorry is NOT a sign of weakness but more a sign of strength because it only takes those who are courageous to stand up and own up to their mistakes.

"Making things right is more important than being right" - Dr Robi Ludwig

"I'm sorry" Is that hard for you to say?



  1. Ncaaaa @ that kid...! bu' the power thing i can so relate to...I mean i can totally say im sorry to a stranger if i like, bump then or wotever but the vulnerability aspect of it comes wen its with loved ones and you know, people I/we have an emotional thingy with.thats wen it sucks. #reading back again.

    ah yes ADAM AND EVE... lols...tsk Eve killed it for us...ay bu' wot if like...and this is not blasphemy for wots stated in scripture but ever thought that wot if it was Adam who ate the apple and blamed it on the woman? like seriously tho? #just a thought.hmmmm. #nowlookwotyou'vedone!

    ooo REJECTION... #nuff said.

    Overall: Loves it!

  2. One thing I can say for sure is that pride is what people have and they feel belittled if they will to say sorry! Its a short word but carries weight from the mouth...but hey put it on a paper maybe it will be lighter if not then my friends there is lack of humility. But what I see is a baby saying sorry if grown ups cant then let me say then a child will definitely teach you........ take a close look at that pic!! Go and say sorry!!! Aint gonna loose nothing friends but dignity..Love ya all.


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