Friday, September 10, 2010

In music I trust

Today= sucky sucky day, you want to know more about it, you can find it in the shelves next to 'oh my what a day' and 'why did I bother waking up?'

I honestly feel like I have been living this day for more than 30 hours! It's kind of funny how time FLIES when you are having fun, but when you are bored, depressed, or annoyed, time does nothing but stay still.
Lesson learned, time is not thy friend.

Any way, crossing over, there are three things that I tend to do when I am sad, 1) EAT 2) SLEEP and 3) listen to MUSIC. I am currently doing number 1.. Wimpy sweet chili chicken wrap with hot chocolate on the side, but this was after I tried number 2 and it failed, and I have been doing number 3 all day.

There is nothing that can turn everything upside down or the right way up like music can. I could play Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On' and just burst into tears or I could play Ronan Keating's "When You Say Nothing At All" and smile to myself because once upon a time that song meant something to me, or even better I could play Jr's "Show Dem" and want to put my dancing shoes on and make the circle bigger.

Whatever the case, music acts as my friend, when I am depressed it's there to give me sympathy, when I am happy it's there to inspire me, when I am lonely it's there to comfort me and when I have nothing to say it's there to fill in the blanks and put my feelings and emotions into words that I would have probably not have been able to say.

What can I say, for me music gives me the feeling of "Hakuna Matata", *singing* it means no worrieeeeeees for the rest of your dayyyyyys, (yeah say it kid) its a problem freeeeeeeeeee philosophyyyyyyyyyy hakuna matata!

As far as my bad day is concerned I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and ask "what bad day?" but until then in music I trust.



  1. Ncaaaw! that's sooo cute! You must then listen to the song Music by Joss Stone feat. Lauryn Hill...

  2. after a bad day one can only hope the next will bring smiles..

  3. Thanx la garcon I will definitely look for that song :)


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