Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letter to the sun

We all remember the Wayans brothers 'White Chicks', and how they gave new meaning to writing letters.

" Kevin Copeland: I'm gonna have a BF!

Marcus Copeland: oh, my God, shes gonna have a bitch fit!
Hotel Clerk: No, don't d-d-d-don't have a BF now"
Kevin Copeland: I wanna speak to your supervisor! Better yet,
I'm gonna write a letter!
Marcus Copeland: You are in big trouble.
Kevin Copeland: Dear Mister Royal Hampton, I am a white woman,
in America. "

Okay, so I am not a white woman in America, but I am a black chick in the sun! And the sun is in BIG TROUBLE!

Dear Sun

I'm sorry, but have we pissed you off? are you seriously trying to kill us?
To be honest I was sad to see you go, and missed you while you were away. I even rejoiced at the news of your return, but now I think you are playing games with us.
As soon as I step out into your burning rays of light, ALL my energy vanishes, and that's not fair!! You make people think I am lazy!
If I am not sleeping, I want to be sleeping, and if I don't feel like sleeping, I am still thinking about sleeping.
Let's get one thing straight, I actually want to pay attention in class okay?

We get it, you are hot. Right now not even Denzel Washington is hotter than you, but please don't make me wish winter would come back.
The two of you have NO idea what moderation is, NO idea.
If you are trying to get us to pay more attention to the seriousness of global warming, mission almost accomplished.
You are the second most talked about thing, after the VMAs, and at this point I would rather watch paint dry than talk about how deathly you are.
You are good for some things, we know, like days at the beach, ice-cream, growing plants and things,but you are not good for my skin right now!
I don't need a tan sunburn, neither do I need cancer.
So I ask, would it hurt to turn down the heat a little? Would it hurt to be kind to us?
Let my people go dammit! Give us us free!
If you are serious about life, you will do something about that radiation.

Love me- No seriously, you have to love me.


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  1. heheh hanzi im not tryin to get a tan...Sunburn! lol... garde i know wot you mean hey i have peopole tellin me im lazy all day errday.. muggin!


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