Friday, September 3, 2010

Things to do with spring

The weather and I have a complicated relationship, when its hot I want it to be cold, and when its cold, I want it to be hot ...... basically if this was facebook, my relationship status would read "in a relationship with the weather but its complicated"

For now I'm just glad I can throw away (not literally) my blankets and jackets and not have to feel cold anymore, or use up my electricity with my electric blanket, or keep stocking up my cupboard with med lemon and cough syrup, or *cough cough* spend hours in front of my wardrobe figuring out what to wear because not only do I have to look nice but I have to keep warm at the same time, and maybe this is just me but that is SO hard to pull off..... #imjustsaying.

The list goes on but anyhoo, crossing over
In the spirit of Spring, I've decided to do a little "words related to spring" section, kind of like a spring word map sort of thing, just for the heck of it.

Birth, life, growth, green, bloom, warmth, fruitful, flower, sunshine, happiness, birds, light, laughter, singing, outdoors, September, celebrate, new, youth, breeze, rain, seasons, animals, weekends, rainbows, sounds, hope, music, pictures, clothes, garden, sports, sandals, beach, dance, water, earth, parties, lazy, bounce, fashion, bikinis, theater, bubbly, fling, alcohol, sweet, dreams, chances, smiles

It definitely is springtime *does happy dance*

Happy spring everybody....

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  1. i like how u said ur relationship with the weather is " in a relationship but its complicated"N.I.C.E


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