Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gift Givers?

Happy Monday!
Hope you guys had a lovely Sunday.

The weather was good out here yesterday, so I took the opportunity to pop over to the mall for a little shopping.

It's my sisters birthday, excuse me, I mean 21st birthday {because those are different} this coming Friday and I have NO idea what to get her as a gift!
It's funny because, I love getting gifts and things for people. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I like getting things, or I like making people happy in any little way I can.
And I guess for me that translates to gift giving.
But its crazy because you would think by now I would have gotten used to this gift giving thing, and I would know off top what to get someone.
But, No.
This is my second trip to the mall, and I am still no further than I was the first time I went.

The birthday is this Friday, and I would really really love to make this girls day! Any Ideas?

What would you guys like to give/get for a 21st birthday? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)

Have a happy Week!



  1. No idea! I try to give very personal gifts, like a photo book or framed picture or something that has meaning to the person. For a 21st? A good time for a looking back through her life gift. If she's into drinking you can start a party cart for her (you know, small cart for her house, booz, glasses, etc.) How about a gift card to something she can do now that she's 21? I love gifts of time. Maybe get tickets to a show you can see together? I hope that helps.

  2. Like, I dunno... Shoes! :) And since it's for a 21st then, designer shoes!

  3. Thanks Laura, it was help. I was also leaning towards personal gifts. and you are right 21 is the best time to do something like that. :) I guess I could do a photo book. sounds like fun!

    PJ- Lol, yeah I am already getting shoes. but that's because she asked for them.


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