Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing Up

This weekend was by far one of my best weekends this year.
Imagine that.
6 months in, and only now do I have a great weekend.
My life.
The point is, I got to spend the weekend with my loved ones, and experience my not so little sister growing into an old lady.
I love saying that, 'old lady'...
She has this thing where she likes to think everyone but her is old, but now that she is 21 she can bloody well join the club.
And.... because I can, I'm going to rub it in her face.

Even though 21 is still young, I feel that {and I have a few people that agree with me} after 21 its all down hill from there. Agree/disagree?

Any way, I loved this weekend for all sorts of reasons and one of them being that I learned a few things about growing up....

1. The minute you reach your twenties, people already picture you at thirty.

2. Growing Old up does not mean you stop having fun. It just means you redefine what 'fun' is.

3. Big girls do cry

4. Knowing right from wrong is more important now than it ever was.

4. Not only teenagers have drama, that's a b**tch you can never run away from, even when you are 50. All you can do is choose whether to let it affect you.

5. The minute you reach twenty something people start talking marriage and kids O_o

6. You never stop learning

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How did the rest of you spend your weekend?



  1. This entire summer i have been on a mission to jam pack as much fun into my saturday nights ;) Sometimes that is getting smashed with the girls, a guy or just chilling at home with the family. I love the way you said that turning 20 something just means redefining fun... I'm so all about that :)

  2. Such a great post. New follower over from

  3. S.O.U.P.---- I'm glad you agree. A lot of people come to me and say 'you are so boring now' and I think just because I don't do the things I did 5 years ago does not mean I do not have fun. Oh I have fun.

    Arielle---- Thank you. Thanks too for the follow. Following right back!


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