Thursday, August 11, 2011

Friday Fancies #9

Boy aren't we glad it's Friday!
I've had quite a great week, so no complaints.
We good over here. (",)

Here is a little summary....

1. I had Monday and Tuesday off work.
2. It was women's day on Tuesday. {Happy Women's Day to all you fabulous women. Even if you didn't get to celebrate it}
3. I got to lay in and have fun doing nothing all day.
4. I caught up with a good friend over cocktails. Much needed.
5. Developed a new attitude towards thinking about work. Pretend you are doing the job you want/love to do. It works.

The last time I blogged was this past Sunday, I guess I got carried away doing...... you know..... that. But any way, I was not going to miss Friday Fancies this time, so I am back to join {av} and the gang.
This week the theme is the color red

If I am being honest, I am not really a huge fan of the color red... on clothes... for me.
On nail polish yes, lipstick, yes and shoes oh yes.
But clothes, hmmm.
I've never quite gotten round to giving it a try. I must admit though, the color is sassy, classy and powerful.
It's an amazing color and I had fun with it this week. 

I'm hoping the outfit speaks for itself. When I was creating it, I was torn between doing a work suit, or sticking to what I would normally wear. I guess what I would normally wear won, because I definitely see myself in an outfit like this. I love the length of the dress, the straps are not too strappy {if you know what I mean} and I find it great that its backless without being over the top. 
I put a black hat because I think that when you remove the shoes, and all that glamor of the gown, you have a perfect outfit for just laying at the pool if you like, or taking a trip to the vineyards if you please. Or even dropping by a friends house for a cocktail or two in the backyard. 
What say you? 

 Take a look at the outfits that inspired me to want to create a suit. 
Maybe next time huh? 

{images from}
 If money was no object, what would you create with the color red? If you want to find out and join in the fun, link up every Friday with {av} on Long Distance Loving
You won't regret it.

Any plans this Friday? 


  1. Those red suits are GORGEOUS!! Makes me want to invest in one!

  2. Love this dress...not sure I could rock a red suit but I would like to try!

  3. The red suits remind me of Samantha on Sex and the City!

  4. I never thought I would say this but you just made me fall in LOVE with a red suit!Happy Friday
    Stopping by from Style Foodie

  5. I love the red suits! Especially the middle one. Who knew! Have a great weekend!

  6. sounds like you had a great relaxing week! glad to have you back blogging just in time for friday fancies. those red suits are gorgeous

  7. I love the collage, it´s pretty inspirational! And those suits are so classy, sexy yet professional...perfect!

    Have a great weekend dear!

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

  8. That red dress is amazing! And I always have loved a good pair of red pants!


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