Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Love

I been out of the dating game too long now, not that I am complaining. Some things are just much better when you got that special someone in your life. 
Shout out to the Mr.
But, I can't help but notice that so much has changed. 
I kind of get to live the single life through my friends and the stories they tell me and as fun as it might sound, things just aren't done the way they used to be. 

I had a friend say to me not so long ago that to get the attention of a girl, you need to have a blackberry. First of all I thought it was a materialistic sort of statement, that you have to have all the finer things in life to have a girl look your way. 
But, No. he actually meant in order for you to actually speak to the girl, even say 'hi there how are you', you need to be able to reach her the only way she knows how otherwise you are wasting your time.
You can say all you want to her but half of the conversation will be lost on her because she is too busy messaging her friends on her blackberry. 
The only way to get this girls attention is then to join her on BBM, and pull whatever moves you had planned over the phone. You get more points for sending her a voice note than actually striking up normal conversation. 

What can I say, this is the era I live in and I should probably expect nothing less, but I wish I could go way back in to time, and experience dating their way. When people had meetings by their favorite tree, or have picnics in the meadow, or go on carriage rides. 
Seems more fun and intimate and real. Those were the days when people used to make an effort to please the ones they fancy, and this effort came from the heart and not really the pocket. 

These days all people really ever want to do is go to the movies, cocktail lounge or the club. 

What happened to having picnics in the park? 

I suggested this to the Mr awhile ago, and I got a 'who does picnics these days' 
exactly my point. 
The art of picnics is lost, we would now rather just take someone out to breakfast, than put time and effort in creating a special meal. 
Don't get me wrong, take me out to breakfast any day, please feel free. Just know that there are a million and one other options for next time. We don't have to keep doing the same thing. 

What happened to long walks to nowhere really?

I think romantic walks are so beautiful. Don't you?
The Mr and I took one quite some time ago in my neighborhood and boy was that fun. 
We danced in the street, laughed, talked and just had a ball.
I realize that most of us live in places surrounded by buildings and cars and all sorts of unworldly noises. It's most probably the most unromantic thing you could do taking a walk in such an environment, but let me just tell you that walk the Mr and I took made my day.
We didn't walk far, we didn't plan anything, it just happened, and it made a difference. 

What happened to hand written letters?

I had a post about this awhile back, you can take a look at it here, I just don'y understand why such an art can be put to waste. 
Letter writing is the most intimate, sincere way to tell someone how you feel, and I just wish more of us did this. 

What happened to carriage rides?

Okay, so maybe we can't really do this anymore. traveling on horses on these roads we have may be a bit to much, but how fun would this be. 
Just sitting there with your love, enjoying the scenery, not really in a hurry to get anywhere. 
I want to do this one day, and I wish I lived back in the time where they had no choice but to do it. 
Things were really much easier back then. 


I always say, everything back then was about love, and everything now is about money. 
I will choose the love era any day! 

What are things you guys wish still were in play? Or what do you think about the dating game these days?
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  1. I love all the stuff you've mentioned!
    Particularly hand written letters! I miss those so much!
    How about impromptu candle-light dinners at home? :)

  2. hello there! :) should i say hello swap partner :) i love this post and its exactly my thoughts the pleasure in casual dates and just normal relationships between friends is now so technology driven that i miss the olden days too and yes id love hand written letters its so much more deep and heartfelt :) and yes when I meet my other half ill definitely try to encourage to have dates outside in the park or by the sea have a picnic , go for quiet walks and many other ways to have a good outdoor date :) or a nice quiet one at home too :) cheers!

  3. I totally agree with you there. Some of the best times I've spent with my husband have been going to picnics and just walking somewhere.

  4. beautifully written! and the pictures are so pretty :)


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