Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stopping By, To Say.....

I honestly hate it when I go AWOL from my blog for too long.
I actually can't control it sometimes, believe it or not.
But, I'm back... and first things first I would like to welcome my newest followers.

Welcome to Lu3Lus Crossing... you guys make me happy each time I log on and see those little numbers increase. Thank you for visiting and following my tiny space of the internet. I do hope you stay... :)

Secondly, for those who have been following my Friday Fancies, 2 weeks ago I was the winner of the 'Like' competition on {Long Distance Loving} *does cartwheels and back flips, while trying not to break things*
Thank you for everyone that voted for me.
If you want to take part in the fun, and possibly be a winner yourself, head over to {av} and she will take very good care of you.
Take a look here to see the outfit that I created, that got me the most likes.

Because I have been so busy, I haven't got around to doing the things that I actually had lined up. But just to keep you guys posted, I have a guest post coming soon from one of my dear friends, PJ. 
HE, yes he, {he is one of the only male followers I have}, will be joining us soon.
He is into fashion, just like I am, in fact, even more than I am. So I hope he makes you as happy as he makes me daily.

I had a chocolate chip cookie mission that I need to share with you guys... So that is another thing that I will be doing soon.
I had fun doing it, I liked the challenge, and now that I did it... I am sure to set myself some more challenges.
You guys can shoot me ideas too. If there is anything you think I can try tackle in the kitchen, please let me know. As crazy as this sounds I am so serious.... anything at all. (",)

That's it for now friends.
Hope you are having a lovely week.



  1. welcome back to the blog land darling!
    XX Ilana

  2. I can't wait to get the finishing touches in order and then my post will be up, up and away!

  3. thank you ladies :)
    yes PJ, can't wait. whoop!


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