Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something Given, Not Borrowed.

Two days I watched the movie Something Borrowed, which I had been dying to watch for some time. 
It was nothing like I expected. That's both a good and bad thing.
Good, because I enjoyed it.
Bad, because I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would. 

Tell me if this is just me...... 

But there really is a girl and guy code that exists right? 

Well there you go..... and this movie went against all things code in my opinion. 
I honestly believe in code, and if not code, then friendship. 
I believe if a friend likes, dated, or is dating someone then they are automatically off limits. 
This shouldn't even be a rule. This is just standard. 
Guys have codes and they stick by them so well..... uhm well, much better than we ladies do. 

I say......

If your friend knows that you secretly like someone, they have no right to out you in front of said someone, and then if after outing you have the right mind to deny it {still in front of said someone}, and your friend takes that chance to ask said someone out. 
Who does this? I don't care whether I denied it or not, my best friend should know if I have feelings for the guy right? 
I mean I am only denying it because you are taking the secret out of secret crush. You should know better a s a best friend. 

Any way, this happens and there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. You try act cool, because you don't want to blow the cover you so nicely laid out for yourself. But if said someone (who clearly likes you too) asks you if this is actually okay with you, and looks at you like 'but I like you' and you go on to act all nonchalant and 'you guys make a great couple' then 
you had a clear opening to stop what could possibly hurt you, and own up to how you really feel. 
I understand that you can't go from, 'we are just friends' to 'no this is not okay' in five seconds. 
Hello Schizo. 
But, you could just pull your friend aside and tell her stop it, and then have 'the talk 'with said someone the next day.

I also say......

Something that's given should not be taken away. You gave said someone away, and you should go into a corner and sit and think about the decision you just made. But that's it. It's done. 
You can not wait until your best friend, {who by the way you still kept as one} decides to get married to ruin everything for her. 
I don't care if you like, or are attracted to someone, but if that person is your best friends fiance then keep it all locked up. 
You will not go and have a one night stand with said person.
If anything ever meant anything to you in the beginning, you sort it out BEFORE they decide to get rings involved.

Any way that happens, and then you decide to continuously see said person behind your best friends back, while she plans the wedding and tells you how much she loves you everyday? 
Who does that? 
Please don't tell me someone in love. 
If both those people mean something to you, the least you can do is tell your best friend upfront that you have feelings for said person, and have for a long time. 
Deal with it that way. things are already messed up, and there are bound to be tears but at least we are being honest. 
Don't try make it a secret. Look how well that turned out for you in the beginning.  

I just say.....

what starts badly, ends badly. 
And I don't know if it's just me but friendship is truly a rare gift.. I would want to keep that above all else. 
and I honestly believe if people are meant to be they will be. But it should never be at the expense of someone else.

What are your thoughts? 



  1. i have to agree with the code thing ;) although ive read the book and truly enjoy it ... yes sometimes having the code is correct but you know ive noticed in life sometimes things happen just the way they do no code nothing and eventually it all boils down to forgiveness ... we cant be too uptight always... yes the story was a little off when i first read it i thought so too but on second thought i was like many times you really cant avoid feelings and if you actually notice all the characters were going thru their own thing rachel was sort of withholding cos she cared abt her friend altho her best friend yes shldnt have stepped over despite rachel being in denial but again u see people are made differently so yea eventually you cant blame no one cos there is no black and white at times :) i just enjoyed the movie for what it was and cant wait for something blue :) the book was good btw u shld read emily giffins books :)cheers! catch up soon :)

  2. I watched the movie. Loved it btw.

    More than i expected.

    Personally, i have no idea what to do. I kept identifying with, what's her name that her best friend's fiancee liked. I didn't like how she went about it, but i honestly would cut myself off the two of them if it came down to that.

    It's never worth ruining everything coz such situations rarely end well.


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