Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Things I Learnt Today

1 I get so depressed when my TV, internet or phone don't work. It's bad.
2 I can only shower in hot water, and hot water alone. Not lukewarm, or do-able, or cold. It has to be hot.
3 It's not that hard to eat healthy. All it takes is the right mind set.
4 The sun is not always as it seems. That little bugger can trick you sometimes.
5 The feeling after taking a nap is the most refreshing feeling ever.
6 I'm happiest when I'm on the phone with the boy, my mum or my sister.
7 Once I get excited about something, it takes a lot to get me to calm down. Looking forward to seeing my boy again, my sissy boo and my mum! Few more days.
8 Picking gifts for guys never gets easy, no matter how long you have been doing it for.
9 Sitting in silence a few minutes a day is therapeutic.
10 Saying please, thank you and sorry never hurt anyone.

Happy Wednesday.
What are some of the things you may have learned?



  1. Today I learned that I am more needed at work than I thought. Yay for job security!

  2. Hey! Found you on 20sb! :)

    3 & 10 are so so true! I've been struggling with the eating lately - I need that mind set back!

    I've learnt how happy my godson makes me today, like seriously, nobody in the world makes me smile more! Oooha and also, I really like getting readers on my blog - that makes me smile! :D

    Great idea for a post!


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