Friday, June 10, 2011

Birthdays Only Mean You Are Getting Older

It was the boys birthday yesterday and he was away so I didn't get to spend it with him.
Sob sob sniff sniff. This is the second birthday we have spent apart.

I remember the first birthday of his we spent together, It was 2 months after we started dating and I tried to surprise him. Key word being tried.
He was supposed to have an exam early that morning, so my roomie and I went over to his house and wanted to set up a whole bunch of floating balloons and leave a bottle of his favorite alcohol and other cute little gifts on his bed for him to find when he got home for his exam.
I think my point was for him to think I had forgotten or that I did not really care much. But joke was on me because when we got there, he was still there.
My roomie was about to walk in to his room and start setting up only to bump into him right by the door.
I ran.
I think he saw me {we never really discussed it since then, I was just way to embarrassed that my plan failed}
It was a real bummer, he apparently made a mistake about what time his exam would be {why are guys so bad with details} So balloons were a fail, gifts were handed directly to him by roomie instead of for him to find.
That was then, this year all I could do was spend most of it on the phone with him.

Him and I are total opposites when it comes to birthdays though, he is all 'oh look its my birthday' and I'm all 'ten days to your birthday, whoop whoop' I'm just a huge birthday celebrator, I get so excited like it's my own. I can't just let the day go by like it's just any other. He can with no problem.
A friend of mine always says 'you have one day out of 365, the least you can do is make it count. It's yours.'
She is so right. And this year the boy decided to take this advice and celebrate his. Yay!

One thing I love about birthdays is the cake, oh. my. word. I don't know whats wrong with me, but the mention of cake makes me go into some weird frenzy where I have to have cake then and there or else. One time the boy and I watched some baking show and we got the hugest cake cravings that the next day we went out for cake.
That bad.

So in the spirit of his birthday I wanted to go out and buy myself a little cup cake and eat it at 00:00 but because I am maybe sort of, kind of on a diet I couldn't. So here is to looking but not touching. It's allowed right?

{images via pinterest}

I've already got myself on a bender because of these photos.
How do you feel about birthdays? Big night out? Quiet night in?



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  2. Hi just came across your blog. Funny post. It reminds me of a time something similar happened to my friend and her boyfriend, luckily she was warned in time that things were about to blow up. Surprises are really hard to pull off, so don't worry it happens to the best of us.
    Yummy cakes.... I had some last night for dessert. hehe. You should really go out and get some cake of your own, diet shmiet.


  3. I turn 24 on the 26th. I love birthdays because it's the one day that it can be all about me and I don't feel guilty about it. I always start a countdown for it to because as far as I'm concerned, everyone should know that it's my birthday. And don't even get me started on birthday cake, I crave it randomly. But I'm specific about the craving, it has to be vanilla confetti cake. I just go to town with half the cake and a fork because there's an obese person inside of me.

  4. Is it bad that I was sidetracked by the delectable goodies on your post? I was all in after the cupcakes lol. I think one of the things I love most about birthdays is the cake too.

    Love the blog,

  5. I dunno about you but I'm forever 21!

  6. uhooi- Thank you so much!

    Anonymous- surprises are definitely hard to pull off. It's funny because that was the first and last time I tried to surprise someone. I still haven't gone out and got that cake btw. *sigh* You are right, I really should.

    Mackenzie- hahaha, I am with you on that one. It is your day and I see no harm and letting everyone know that. Sometimes I like going to restaurants so they can sing for me! Creepy? oh well.

    Miss Dre- Thank you! I think even I get side tracked by that chocolate cake!

    FFA- Amen brother! LOL!


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