Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland

'If you have nothing to talk about, talk about the weather'
This sounds kinda crazy doesn't it?
At least I used to think so, but it's actually true. The weather makes for a great conversation starter especially here in the blog sphere.
I'm getting super jealous with all of these summer posts I have been seeing lately. Summer has got to be my utmost favorite weather and now that we are in winter over here I wish I could just turn into a bear and hibernate until it's summer again.
Who has the manual for that? I think I am interested.

It's funny because everyday I come across a new person that adores winter, and I am not one to judge but I ask myself, how is shivering at all fun? I find that my activities are so limited because all I ever want to do is stay in my bed.
Besides all that, my fashion (which is maybe not that great to begin with) becomes even worse in winter. I layer up, I don't care for matching, and I am most often found in grey blue or black.
Dull much?
I know some people that agree with me on this, in fact a couple of my friends were tweeting each other the other day about how this cold weather is making it hard for them to get male attention. Even though that's the least of my worries, I found myself totally agreeing with them. Which is funny, but I told them 'please, anyone can look absolutely amazing in winter' and it's true.

{how you do it}

{images via climate change clothes & ELLE}

Looks like it's time for me to go window shopping. I really need to do something to change my mind about this horrid weather. Any help?



  1. I hate winter too.. haha, so I don't think I can be much help!

  2. It's summer here. I'll trade places with you! I love winter. I like layering clothes and boots and sweaters and scarves. Plus, it's great snuggle weather.

    The trick to winter wear is to make sure that your clothes fit properly and flatter your figure.


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