Monday, June 27, 2011

M.I.A No More

Exams have really done a good job at keeping me away from the blogsphere.
I try everyday to check up on all your posts and stuff, but it has been really hectic. I'm so glad that I can finally say it's over and FINALLY catch up on my blogging.

Not only are my exams over, but I'm 'unofficially' a graduate {apparently you're only a graduate when you wear the gown and walk across that stage} but I'm choosing to block that out because I've waited too long for this.
I feel like I am at that crossroad once again, waiting to see what happens next, how it happens, if it happens. My best friend calls it the 'waiting room' and it is so appropriate, because all you do is wait. Right now her and I are waiting to find out if we got jobs, me an internship and her an actual job position at an HR firm.
It's really such a dreadful wait, I keep checking my email like a mad person, or hoping my phone rings and I see the 'right' number calling.
Any way, they don't call it the waiting room for nothing.

I really just don't want to kid myself into falling into a comfort zone though. So something needs to happen soon, It's so easy for me to think, I've come this far, I've done good and I can just relax now.
A lot of my friends are like 'I'm so done with school, I just want to work now.' But I am still in the undergrad {tick} post grad {yet to be completed} dream job {not a distant memory}.
Maybe it's the way I have been brought up, but I feel like there are these steps I need to follow to get my dream job, and unfortunately or fortunately {depends on how you see it} staying in school is one of them.
I always say I wish I could 'accidentally' just sit in a plane next to one of the richest people and they can just offer me a job right there and then. Then maybe I don't have to worry so much about 'what happens next' and just go with it!
Better than getting married to an old rich dying man right?

Whoops, I went a little off topic there, but any way I am no longer going to be M.I.A, and I am so happy to be back. At least I have blogging to keep me busy in the waiting room.

Hope you had a great weekend, and an even better Monday {if that is even possible}



  1. Hope you get the internship! Congrats on being a grad!

    Embracing Style

  2. I think its amazing that you have such high goals! Not being content with your education is a really admirable thing! Good luck with your internship!

    Happy Mingle Monday!

  3. Good luck! I just landed my first internship and I know how the anticipation can be. The line about "not being content" was something that I always say to myself also. People go for the bottom line, but I want to meet the clouds with swords!

  4. Thank you ladies! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for something.
    @pbm2011 I like your line 'people go for the bottom but I want to meet the clouds with swords' that's exactly how I feel. :)


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