Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fancies #7

{A little story}

I'm always one to play it safe when it comes to wearing clothes, actually scratch that, when it comes to pretty much everything. But this year, as part of my news years resolution, I decided that would be no more.
Over the past week I fell in love with polka dots. Usually the only print you would find me in is stripes, but there is something so je ne sais quoi about polka dots. Maybe it was Blake Lively's shoot that I posted up last week that made me change my mind, or the summer trends I have been seeing lately, but whatever it is, I'm in love.

{A little evidence}

{The invention}

Polka dot

If money was no object, I would wear this outfit to prove to myself that I am not so safe after all. I actually have no place to go this weekend.
The boy was meant to be here, but he keeps delaying his trip. So all I have is me and my books. Exams are next week and I'm really feeling the pressure. Maybe it is a good thing the boy decided to take his time.
Oh well.

If you want to let your imagination and pocket run away with you, join {av} over at {long distance loving} for some Friday Fancies.

Oh, and if you like my outfit, I would love it if you could:

Happy Friday everyone!
What is everyone up to this weekend?



  1. Polka dots are SO cute! I love that red skirt so, so much!

  2. Great outfit - I have some polka dots in my FF outfit today too! Have a good weekend :)

  3. Loving the big polka dot prints!! Good luck studying for your exams! Yes, your boy would be way too big of a distraction so it's just as well ;)
    Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  4. I'm a fan of polka dots too! Love your friday fancies and I really like the last pic with the girl with the hat. Adorable.

  5. I'm usually a play it safe girl too when it comes to clothes... but I guess I make up for it when it comes to accessories. Love that purse~ so fun! Thank you for stopping by! Ava xo

  6. Friday Fancies never disappoint! Polka dot all the way!


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