Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Fancies #6

{A little story}

This week I was inspired by Gossip Girls Blake Lively. Her role as Serena Van Der Woodsen sometimes rubs me the wrong way, she can't really decide what she wants and she blames the rest of the world for it.
Bleh. Sounds like so many people I know. Myself included.
But I must say, her wardrobe, to. die. for. Every time I see her in something amazing (which is nearly all the time) I take a mental picture and hope that one day I find something exactly like that in the shops.
Still no luck with that one.
But even though Serena has made quite a name for herself, it's Blake Lively that fascinates me the most. With her long list of credentials, we can now add to that fashion icon.
Her shoot in Glamour magazine had me jaw on the floor, I just loved it.

{The evidence}

{The copy cat}

I really loved this shoot, and this is what inspired my Friday Fancies outfit. If money were no object you would find me in this little number, traipsing the town with my girls while my sister visits this weekend.

Blake Livey Glamour shoot style inspired

Don't forget to link up with {av} if you want to dream big and forget about price tags. (",)

Happy Friday!!
What are your weekend plans? Anything?



  1. I completely agree with you! Blake is amazing and Serena is annoying. These Glamour photos are ridiculously perfect and I love our "copy cat" design! Happy weekend!!

  2. I loved the Glamour article on her! It was such a good read ... very Interview-esque! Happy Friday!

  3. Those pictures of her are sooo gorgeous. I especially love the white outfit with the red shoes. Your "copycat" outfit is so perfect, too! The Versace shorts are seriously TDF.

  4. That outfit is incredible!! I love the shorts, especially! Great pics :)
    Happy Friday!

  5. Love the pop of orange!! and the addition of that beautifully colored scarf!!

    Have a great weekend! ;)

  6. Great post! Your re-creation came out perfect! Love, love the shoes!

  7. Wish I could look as she does!! Happy Friday!

  8. I love this editorial of her - very cohesive. Great friday's fancies!


  9. Great great spread! You have a good fashion eye, Lulu-Bell :)

  10. Thank you guys! (",) appreciate all the comments!

    Liz- I'm so glad someone agrees with me about the Blake/Serena thing. yay!

    Megan- I agree, the article was refreshing to read.

    Clara- Tell me about it, those red shoes are amazing.

    Jenn- Thank you!!

    Drew- I actually think I love the colour orange more now because of this. It really does pop out.

    Ava- Thank you darl!!

    Jillian- Definitely gorgeous!

    Stephanie- (",) you can.

    Erin- Appreciate it!

    FFA- with friends like you how can I not? (",)


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