Monday, May 23, 2011

The good old fashioned way

"I’ve been thinking about letters recently. The real kind, long hand. And how terrible it is that nobody’s writing them any more."

I remember back when I was in high school my friends and I would make a big deal about writing letters.
A whole group of us would get together and write each other letters almost everyday, whether it was just a note to say I love you or a long detailed account of which boy did what to who, where and how.

I miss those days, not only because life seemed simpler then, but what happened to the old fashioned way of doings things?
I can be the first to admit that I am way caught up in technology, I love my cellphone and what could I possibly do without my laptop, and let's not get started on the television.
I. Need. These. Things.


That quote up there is true.

I think one of the most amazing things is writing someone a letter. It is more personal than a Facebook inbox, BBM, tweet or text.
I just love the whole idea behind letter writing.
The thought behind it.
The time taken to do it.
Receiving them.
paper. {call me crazy, but there is nothing more amazing than a blank page}

I leave the boy a note here and there, but he sucks because he never replies them. It doesn't matter though because I still do it anyway.

Anyone feel like I do? What is your take on letter writing?
Yay..... or Nay?



  1. hi! :) you should join swapbot or postcrossing. there's a project penpal too! :)

    for me, its definitely a YAY! i love letter writing, and snail mail too! in fact, i still write my relatives and friends often. whether i see them everyday or once a year. the feeling of expressing yourself and what you truly feel is different when you write as compared to typing them down.

    email me your mailing address! i'd love to send you a postcard! <3

    Nowhere Near Perfect
    email: nettymown at gmail dot com

  2. I love getting letters in the mail! I love writing them as well!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

  3. Hello from Mingle Monday!

    I feel you on the whole hand written letters thing. Today I just finnished writing thank you notes and I started thinking to myself that I really should throw a few extra random letters in the mails to friends I care about. I may just do that :)

  4. I have a pen pal... I'm a bad pen pal, but I still love it. Back in the day, I would weekly write a letter to a friend just to tell them how much I love them. I like to do that for my husband now. I just love letter, and love love-letters even more. :)

    Visiting from Mingle Mondays

  5. I agree! I love writing letters! Everyone is so swept up in all the social networking because it is so simple to contact someone that way. But it's nice to sit back and write a letter, plus they are fun to receive!

    Visiting from Mingle Monday!

    A Little Bit of This & That

  6. Oh, I agree completely - I used to write to several good friends who lived far away and those letters were treasures.

    You said, "call me crazy, but there is nothing more amazing than a blank page" ... YES! Cracking open a new notebook gives me the shivers. The good kind.

    And those photos are beautiful. As much as I adore technology, my digital loves will never force my pen-and-paper love out of the picture.

    Here via Mingle Monday! I'm excited to have found your blog! :)

  7. YAH! i neeeed to start writing more notes and sending snail mail. i miss getting things (other than bills) in the mail :) happy monday-- stopping by from mingle monday. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  8. I like the idea of a written letter but I will admit I haven't written one in ages, a bit of a shame really.

  9. I love writing and getting letters in the mail. So much more personal than an email or text, in my opinion. :)

  10. i loved the only 2 letters i ever's only emails or messages now!

  11. Such a great post!! I definitely miss letter writing. High school letters to friends were the best! My husband wrote me a nice long love letter as part of my Valentine's Day gift last year and it was one of the best gifts ever. I always say I am going to send a letter in the mail to my sister or close friend, but I have yet to do it. I need to get on that soon!

  12. Love writing letters but don't do it too often. I did it a lot in college. I send post cards now. P.S. Visiting from Mingle Monday!

  13. I love letters, and snail mail in general! Such a lost form of communication.

  14. YAY!!! My friends and I had a "letter notebook" in school that we would pass around for all to read or write in. I miss those days. I love writing on paper. Period.

    I read historical fiction and dated novels all the time and sigh when I read about distant and close lovers writer letters to each other and hanging on every word. There is just something about that lost art form that makes me smile.


  15. I just came across a scrapbook from high school recently that had a bunch of handwritten letters in it. Some were notes written in class, some were mailed from friends in the town I moved from. I'll cherish them forever.


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