Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I need a shopping buddy! Anyone?

One word: Shopbop

Denim, Jackets, Dresses,Lingerie, Skirts Leather, Tops, Jumpsuits/Rompers, Swimwear, Sweaters, Pumps, Heels, Boots, Flats, Sandals, Clutches, Beach Bags, Totes, Shoulder Bags, Hobos, Wallets, Cashmere, Key Chains, Umbrellas, Belts, Hats, Hair Accessories, Gloves Sunglasses, Watches, Pants, Clogs, Weekend Bags

I think I'm in love.

Have you ever spent so much time on one website that at the end of it all you ask yourself 'what was I doing?'
Well, that was me all of last night and most of this morning. The only difference is I never had the 'what were you doing' feeling, I had the 'where are you going' one instead.
Every time I left the computer for a teeny weeny bit something kept pulling me back, and by something I mean Marc Jacobs, JNBY and Alice + Olivia.


Shopbop is really such an amazing site, and it's no wonder I couldn't pry myself away. Who else feels that way when they visit?
It's also kind of funny that I only recently found out about it. {The rock I was living under says hi} But better late than never right?
I love the designers on this site, and whats even better is that some of these prices are actually reasonable.
I think.

But this is why girls never go shopping alone, how do they expect us to make some of these decisions by ourselves.
Which presents me with a problem I'm currently having......

I need a shopping buddy.

I've been given the chance to get anything from Shopbop {five second dance party} for the value of $100 thanks to Shopbop and Mellisa

............ and as it is I am so confused.

So hi shopping buddy (",)

What are some of the things you like? or would like to buy?

I would love any of your suggestions.
I'm so bad at shopping for myself, and even worse at shopping for others.
But it really doesn't matter if its something you like, or want, or would buy for a friend anything.
I just need inspiration and maybe then will I make up my mind.

Plus it will make this shopping experience fun. What do you say?

Let's go shopping!



  1. Congratulations! :) I also won £100 from Asos.com courtesy of wantlet.com and it's been almost a month and I still haven't figured out what to buy. I suggest you go for shoes though, you'll never go wrong! :-)

  2. Here, pick me, pick me, pick, *waves frantically whilst screaming on top of her two tiny lungs*
    Congrats babes and have fun shopping, as Simonette said, get shoes-ul never go wrong :)

  3. Ummmm... Yes please!!

    If I could have some free spending money for our shopping trip that would be great!! ;)

    Thanks soo much for stopping by Mingle Monday!! :)

  4. Simonette- Thank you! Congratulations to you too. I think I will be just the same. Give myself a month to figure it out. I have been leaving towards shoes, I've been dying to go shoe shopping for awhile now. But it's winter on this side, so I almost feel I might be a little crazy if I don't use this chance to get a jumper or jacket? hmmmm?

    Nasreen- YOU have already been chosen. Everyone reading this has. hehe. Thank you! So what you are suggesting is if you were given this choice you would get shoes?

    Meg- THANK YOU for stopping by my tiny blog (",) but of course ;) hehehe.


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